Birthday Freebie Links, Giveaways 4 Everyone

It’s My Birthday Month !

So August is here ! It’s my birthday month (I’m getting up there in age !!) ,and I always like to have giveaways during that month. It’s like a gift from me to all of you…my awesome readers !!! So what do you have to do to win any of the giveaways that will be happening? It’s pretty simple. Just go to each one that is open, follow the entry steps,and then wait to see who will be announced as winners ! So far, I have 3 giveaways planned to start during the first week of August. I hope that you all like them. If you want to know what the giveaways look like, watch the following video ! Thanks for reading ,and be sure to leave a comment on this post to let me know if you are going to be entering any of the giveaways ! Have a great day …

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