Treat Yourself Well … With Karma Organic Spa {Giveaway}


I am a beauty fanatic. If you ever get a chance to look into my bathroom cabinets,all you’ll see are beauty products; various lipsticks,and lip glosses,eye shadows, eye liners,mascaras,and nail polishes. I have a TON of nail polishes..each one for one special occasion,or for one certain shirt/shoe that matches the color. That’s me, Miss Matchy-Matchy.  However, the polishes usually get used once or twice and then they get put on the shelf and forgotten,which is a shame. Some of those polishes cost a small allowance !

The reason i forget about the polishes? Well, there’s not just one reason,there’s a few., the main one being that I have changed my view on the world..and my carbon footprint. I like to know when I buy a product, and I am not contributing to the further hurting of our planet,so I am trying to use more Eco-friendly items . I also worry about my health, so I make an effort to use more organic products for myself. Which brings to my review over a great company – Karma Organic Spa.

Karma Organic Spa , located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, is a company and actual spa that is dedicated to using natural and organic products. Read more about their spa here . I was given an opportunity to try out a couple of their items from their website,and I really enjoy the choices I picked. I was chose 2 nail polishes and a nail polish remover .. here is how the product ranked on my beauty list !

The two absolutely gorgeous colors I chose for the polishes were “Table For Two” and “Strappy Sandals” . Don’t you just LOVE the names, especially the “Strappy Sandals”… omg, shoes ! Here is a photo of both of the colors – 027 028

The nail polish remover I chose was the Unscented with Vitamin E oil. I think it’s always good to be able to treat your nails AND cuticles right and if you can do both while removing polish color from your nails, why not?  

The polishes from Karma Organic Spa are really amazing. They don’t have the harsh smell that other polishes and they don’t really even have any scent to them,in my opinion.That is because they don’t contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP (read here to learn more about the “Big 3“,chemicals which can be harmful to both you and the environment.I love the fact that I can continue to beautify myself and not hurt Mother Earth,don’t you ?!  Another thing I like about the polishes are that it only took me ONE COAT to get the perfect coverage that I desired and the color was amazing on my nails and made my hands look 10 times better than they looked before. 033There is just something about well manicured/colored nails on a lady, I guess!  The drying is longer than what I am used to, but I think the extra 3-5 minute wait is well worth it.  029The nail polish remover is also very nice. I had unpolished nails before the review,but I still used some of the remover to ensure that I would be working with a clean surface when I painted my nails.

Tip- always remember to”prime” surfaces that you intend on putting color on,whether it be nails or face;priming makes products go on smoother,more evenly and it settles/looks better.Trust me on this. *

 The polish doesn’t have a scent to it, which I LOVE ( I dislike the smell of polish remover), and the vitamin E in it helped to soften my cuticles, which are horrendous due to my lack of care for them. 030

My conclusion for Karma Organic Spa and the companies products ? I give them a 9 out of 10 ,and that’s only because I have not tried other brands out there yet. But right now, Karma is the one to beat; they are Green , Eco-Friendly, and the genuinely seem to care about what kind of products they offer their customers. Added bonus, they are located right here in the USA… New Jersey of all places,so if you are in the area , you can go and visit them and tell them that I sent you ! Or, you can visit them online at Karma Organic Spa and check out their amazing line of products and see all of the beautiful colors they have for nail polishes. Thank you for reading  !