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Kim Kimble Beauty Review

kim kimble

Hey girl, Heeeeey !

Hot off the presses and into my tresses ! I am pleased to share with you my review for one of the hottest hair stylists out there, from LA Hair ,the one,the only … Kim Kimble !

I had the grand opportunity to review a couple of Kim’s products. One is the Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Conditioning Masque,and the other is a Kim Kimble shower cap.  I used the conditioning masque a little over 4 times already and I do love the results I am getting. I suffer from major hair damage some of which is due to stress and most which is due to just processing from hair chemicals, so when I offered this review opportunity ,you can bet you booty that I jumped on it . 

After the first use of the masque, I felt my hair was already feeling a little softer than usual and I was able to comb through my wet hair without having hair breakage (a major problem of mine).  The Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry masque from Kim Kimble promises to be a “deluxe treatment that penetrates to the root of hair problems to repair dry damaged hair while keeping the scalp clean and healthy.” I have to admit…it gets the job done.   The masque really helps is making your hair feel silky and smooth.As for it repairing damage straight away,it really is a matter of how much damage your hair has. My hair … REALLY damaged. I would suggest that if you want this treatment to work for you, give yourself a couple of months to get the full effect. That would be one treatment a week for 8 weeks. You should see great results. I am still on my Kimble kick,and I don’t mind paying the $13 it cost for the bottle. If a product works, then it is worth it !       IMG_0442

Me wearing the Kim Kimble shower cap

The shower cap is great for me,too. I use it in the shower when I don;t want to get my hair wet, and I also use it to keep the heat in when I am deep conditioning my hair. It’s great for me and the purpose/results that I want. The cost for this is $14 and you can find both of these items in the Kim Kimble website . Oh! If you do buy anything from her site, here’s a 10% discount code for you … *hair10* !!!