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Who should consider wearing a knee sleeve when exercising and how can it benefit you

Who should consider wearing a knee sleeve when exercising and how can it benefit you

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Ever wondered why of all kinds of knee braces, knee sleeves are the most common of all? We know that it was originally designed to provide extra support to the knees. But believe it or not, it comes with tons of benefits and we listed down some of them here.

Sports athletes don’t just use it because it is a fitness trend. They use knee sleeves to avoid injury. Yes, knee sleeves are a necessary piece of kit. It is a must for any sport that requires heavy leg movement such as football, basketball, and soccer.

It is no secret that injuries can be lifelong problems, not to mention that they bring lots of pain. Knee sleeves are good at preventing injury, thanks to the compression and heat in it. The more compression and heat the sleeve has, the better it is in terms of avoiding injuries.

However, what if you already have an injury? Can knee sleeves help? Yes, when athlete Miranda Oldroyd had an injury in 2012, she used knee sleeves which helped her in her recovery. Knee sleeves can also prevent further damage. Insulated heat and compression, when combined, provides better performance and recovery to its users. This is why it is important to consider the insulation and compression when buying knee sleeves. Compression is the most important factor to consider when buying knee sleeves. The rest of the material, comfort, price, and durability comes next.

Professional and amateur athletes alike should invest in knee sleeves because it helps them develop their form or technique when working out. It is necessary to protect the body especially the joints in able to have the sustainable and long-term results in sports. When you are a competing athlete, it is essential that you invest in the premium fitness apparel.


Competitive lifters also need knee sleeves to avoid muscle-skeletal pain. Lifting can leave a feeling of soreness and if you are involved in a very physical activity, you cannot just ignore safety. You will especially need it when training because it can increase blood flow as it gives minor compression to the joint. Furthermore, knee sleeves have the capability to reduce overall pain. Heavy or long workouts can bring soreness.


Average gym-goers can benefit from wearing knee sleeves as well. This is especially needed if you are just starting out with your fitness journey. As you progress, it can be inevitable to develop issues in the joints. Prevent joint pains by wearing durable sleeves, especially if you are into powerlifting or heavy weights. With many options out in the market, you can find cheaper alternatives that can help improve your performance.


In order to have the most out of your knee sleeves, we suggest wearing neoprene sleeves over the cloth sleeves. They offer excellent compression and warmth to the knee. Neoprene sleeves are better when it comes to giving stability to the patella as you go along.