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Let Yourself Relax With Bigelow Teas !


Bigelow Teas … Naturally Tasty !

Chamomile.Sleepy Time.Honey. Green. Black.

These are all types of teas. You probably are a tea drinker (or know someone who is).My mother loves teas. When I was a child,she would take lemon leaves from the lemon tree and boil them to make her tea. I used to think she was sooooo weird for doing that ,but now that I am older…I get it. And ,I appreciate it. I love being able to sit down and enjoy some quiet time with a great cup of tea. It really is therapeutic for me. This is a reason why I chose to do a review about Bigelow Tea.

Bigelow Teas is a well known name in the tea world for over 60…yes, SIXTY… years ! I say they definitely have been able to stand the test of time …wouldn’t you?

Last month,I had the awesome privilege of blogging for Bigelow Tea ,and can I just say, it was a wonderful lesson in taste and health wellness ! I tried an array of teas from Bigelow,and they were were all tasty and full of flavor. And they all served a dual purpose when I drank them. That is important to me. While I do indeed love food and drink to give me a great explosion of taste on my palate ,I also appreciate it when said food or drink can provide me nutrition or health benefits. Empty calories are yummy,but not nearly as healthy for you !

What’s In A Tea ?

Tea is “an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.” (Wikipedia) . Tea is also a great giver of health benefits. Benefits that include –

1) Exercise Endurance Boosting – Due to the antioxidants in Green Tea/Green Tea extract ,the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel increases , which can mean improved muscle endurance.

2) Weight Loss – According to various sources, Oolong ,Yerba Mate, and White  (among others) Tea can help with weight loss due to their power to help boost ones metabolism and keep your metabolism raised up to 2 hours after drinking the tea.

3) Constipation- Peppermint tea can help with this wide known problem.A natural way to help out your body.

4) Better Sleep- Valerian Root Tea is known to be used a sedative and can help you fall asleep faster without the use of habit forming sleeping pills or medicine. A lot of holistic followers use this method.

My Tea Journey

Bigelow Tea (Tricias-List.com)

When I was given the opportunity to sample Bigelow Tea, I was sure to choose a variety of teas. I wanted to fully experience all the flavor that the teas could offer. I had a hard time choosing,too,because the company has such a vast variety of flavors to explore! In the end,I chose the following flavors-

072 272

This flavor tea is really good and taste great both cold and hot. It really gives you that pomegranate taste that you may be looking for.I think it makes a good anytime drink and you can also have it as a night time drink because it contains no caffeine. A couple of the benefits of pomegranate tea are that it contains high levels of antioxidants that protect the heart and reduce bad cholesterol and daily use of pomegranate tea may help in fighting viruses and infections during prime cold-catching season . You might wanna stoc kup on this one for the upcoming season !

071 275


Wild Blueberry with  Acai tea is totally DELICIOUS !! Another caffeine free tea, the hints of blueberry and acai make for an exotic taste on your palette . I recommend that you let this one steep longer (maybe 10 minutes at least) to get the full flavor,and drink or serve it chilled.To me ,it’s more flavorful that way.

069 279


One of my favorites,the Lemon Ginger tea  warms you from the inside out.I have definite plans of this tea being in my cupboard during the cold winter months. Another thing I like about this particular tea ? It has Probiotics in it. That’s right,people.This tea will help you get your digestive system in order.I LOVE that…mainly because I am a big fan of the whole probiotic trend.In case you didn’t know what they are ,probiotics are “Living microorganisms that provide a health benefit to the host when ingested in adequate amounts” (World Health Organization (WHO)). If you want to know more about them ,visit this page.



Cranberry Hibiscus- Delicious flavor that is not too heavy.This tea is actually light with flavor(to me),and I think it goes well when it is warm compared to when it is cooler. Makes a good cool weather tea.


Half & Half (Iced Tea and Lemonade)- This one is my favorite hands down! You get the Arnold Palmer taste with this tea and you also get the added benefit of the pomegranate flavor with it. This tea is super delicious and is guaranteed to satisfy any thirst you may have.You don’t need to add anything to it (or any of the teas I have mentioned in this blog)..it is naturally flavored tea at it’s finest.

I absolutely enjoyed ALL of the teas that I chose,and they each served  greater purpose other than just tasting good. Tea helps keep you hydrated and naturally stimulates your metabolism without all of the extra chemicals and additives that are put in other drinks. Bigelow Tea are so good at providing a variety of delicious choices for you and your family to choose from ,and you can order straight from their website .