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Mmmm… Old Time Candy *Review & Giveaway*

Old Time Candy Company


Old Time Candy … Candy You Ate As A Kid !

Oh boy,do I have a wonderful review to share with you ! Remember “back in the day”(in the 80’s),when you were a kid,and you used to have all the “good candy”? And,when I say “good candy”, I mean all the pure sugar candies.. minus a few of the chocolate bars. Candies like Now & Laters, Nerds, Fun Dip,Candy Cigarettes,Jolly Ranchers … ? Do you remember retro candies like Wax Lips, Ice Cube Chocolates, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, BB Bats, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Buttons on paper tape, Wax Syrup Bottles, Kits, Sky Bars, Zagnut, Necco Wafers, Teaberry Gum or Chick-o-Sticks?

Well, I had the Totally awesome opportunity to experience 80’s Nostalgia for a while,thanks to the wonderful people of Old Time Candy ! Old Time Candy  started in July, 1999 when the owner walked into a large candy store in Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in old time candy. They found that many of the “old time favorites” still existed. It was the candy we ate as kids… Necco Wafers, Candy Buttons on paper tape, Wax Lips, Candy Cigarettes.

They went on-line in early 2000 with their first candy assortment and began to grow. In 2003 ,they moved into a larger facility and expanded at the beginning of 2004. 2011 began their 11th year in the candy business. How COOL is that ?!! At least I think it’s cool. I love being able to find companies that have items that I grew up with;it is not only nostalgic, but it also gives me a sense of comfort to know that my memories of life as a kid can come to life again through them.

Old Time Candy sent me a HUGE 4 lb box of candy to review. They actually have boxes of candy called “Decade Boxes”, and they’re pretty cool. Decade Boxes are candy assortments from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or All Decades, available in two sizes. The 4 lb box measures 12 x 9 x 3 inches and is jammed with over 70 of your old time favorites. The 2 lb box is 9.5 x 7 x 3 inches with over 40 pieces of candy, and 35 different candies. I was lucky enough to be given a choice of which box I wanted… I chose the TOTALLY RAD 80’s Decade Box . Cause ,you know… I’m stuck in the 80’s!

When I received my Decade box,I was pretty impressed at how well put together the box was.All the candy was placed in neatly and held in place with packing items (see photos below)

016 017

The box reminded me of going into the candy store and seeing all the candy I wanted in every flavor that wanted…I was like a kid again ! And wow,oh wow… there was a LOT of candy ! I am being completely honest with you when I say that it took me a good month and a half to try and finish off this box..and I STILL have candy left !!

019 020 030 021

If you look at the following photos,you will see for yourself just how much candy is included in the Decades Box. I had an absolute blast eating candy and chocolate and reminiscing about listening Madonna while eating sour apple Now & Laters,or watching MTV (when they show MUSIC Videos,lol) and lusting after Duran Duran tearing up some Gobstoppers ,lol ! Those wee the days,huh?! Anyway,back to present day.The candy was delicious and reminded me of years of old,and I am just REALLY happy to know that Old Time Candy is there to help me bring back that feeling ! My 21st birthday is coming up this Summer (again,lol !) ,and I am planning on buying a few Decade Boxes to have as party favors (it’s a theme party),and I know that my guests are just going to love these !! If you are interested in buying a Decade Box of your own ,whether it be a 1950’s,60’s,70’s or 80’s box, you can do so by going here . Assortments begin at $23.99

023 024025

For your Information …

In case you wanted to know what all the types of candy Old Time Candy had, you can visit the “Candy By The Decades” page,and check the all out.They even have candy dating back to the Pre 1920’s !!!  Candy is available in all the following decades-

Pre 1920 Candy  1920s Candy 1930s Candy 1940s Candy 1950s Candy

1960s Candy 1970s Candy 1980s Candy 1990s Candy

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Be sure to ENTER TO WIN a Decade Box by entering below.Good luck and thank you for reading !

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