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Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale – A Review




Have you ever started cooking and needed to know exactly how much a piece of food weighed? How about when if/when you started a diet and wanted to know how many ounces of meat,fruit or veggies you were taking in? I know that ,for myself, I have met that obstacle many times in the kitchen when I was trying out a new “Eat This,Not That” recipe ,lol.  I think kitchen scales are a great accessory to every kitchen in terms of functionality,which is one of the reasons why I was so excited to try out the new Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale.

I used to use the regular non digital scales.You know … the one that looks like a bowl sitting on top of a scale.I would always wonder if I was getting an accurate reading for my food, just because I thought the bowl top would come into play. Well,now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.Now ,thanks to the wonderful people of Moderna Housewares and Ozeri products ,I have my very own digital scale!

The Digital Scale Cometh … !

When I first received my Ozeri scale,it came very well packed and protected from any shocks that the trip to my home would have given it.



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When I unpacked the scale and took it out of the box,I was VERY impressed at the sleek design that greeted me. It’s stainless steel look and the slimness of it just brings a lot more “curb appeal” to it. It’s a scale that you won’t mind leaving out for guest to see, because it’s not clunky or ugly . I truly appreciate being able to have a product that I can keep out for easy access AND have it tie in to my kitchen decor without being an eyesore.

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The Ozeri Zenith Digital Scale comes ready for use with its own battery already installed. All you have to do is pull the plastic strip (pictured below) ,and your scale is ready to weigh whatever fruit , veggie, or meat you have for it ! My first object to weigh was my yummy apple.

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As a user of Nutrisystem, I like to weigh most of my foods that do not come pre-packaged. So,my apple made for a good “first”. Pictured below are a couple of photos that show you easy it is to operate the scale. You simply turn on the scale using the power button,and then , using the “unit” button, select what weight measurement unit you want to start weighing in. As you can see,my scale is set to weigh in ounces (my apple weighed 4.4 ounces),but it can also be set to measure/weigh in other units.

The units available for measuring are –





If you are interested in getting your own Ozeri Zenith Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, you can find it at numerous stores ,including Amazon
and Sears. I am thoroughly pleased with my scale and I use it everyday to weigh even the smallest amounts…I love it !



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