Planning On Going Out This Holiday Season? Do It In Style,Safely, & For Free !

Get Uber … And Get Home Safe !

Are you planning on going out and having a night on the town for the holidays or for New Years Eve? Then I have a great way for you to do it and do it safely. I am working with a new company and they provide transportation to wherever you may want to go in your local area .I believe it’s up to a 20-30 mile radius.  They are NOT a taxi service,and the drivers are not taxi cab drivers.The cars and SUV’s are classy and they will get you to your destination safe. I think this is a GREAT OPTION for for everyone,especially during the holidays.Even Conan O’Brien , Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube use this service in L.A. ! What is this service called? They are UBER. You should check them out … I have. I was given a credit to check out their launching and I am thoroughly impressed with them. So impressed that I am now working them. And ,as a holiday gift to you all, I am giving you the opportunity to check UBER out for FREE by giving you a  free ride up to $20 (new users only. not valid on uberTAXI). You can get your free UBER ride by going to the site ,choosing which location is best for you,and using the unique code of RideFreeWithMe . 



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