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PURGGO – Natural Air Purifier

PURGGODisclosure- I was given free product and/compensation for this review. Regardless,all opinions stated here are my own.

PURGGO – Natural Air Purifier

Have you ever hopped into your car and smelled ,I don’t know, yesterdays fast food aroma still lingering in the air? Or maybe ,you went to the gym and left your sweaty socks in the car, and now you’re stuck with that “blech” odor. It’s happened to me before. Heck,sometimes I am stuck with the odor that my Corgi leaves when she has been in the car after a walk on the jogging trail with me. It happens. But instead of using one of those scented trees or a spray to freshen your car, have you ever thought of purifying your air naturally ? I’ll admit ,I never really thought about these type of issues when I was younger. I wanted an immediate diffusing of funk around me, so I turned to a spray to do the job. But now that I am older and I focus a lot more on using natural , Eco and Earth friendly products, I decided to work with the PURGGO company. PURGGO offers a a very eco friendly air purifier that is guaranteed to freshen and purify the air in your car for an astonishing 365 DAYS ! Yup, you read that correctly, one PURGGO Car Eco- Air Purifier ($29.99) will last you a full year. And ,after you’re done with it, you can use it a fertilizer for your garden ! Check out these ProTips given to me by the company on how to use the PURGGO –

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Pro Tip 1: Maximize Odor Absorption Using Sunshine
  • If you can, put PURGGO under direct sunshine for an hour before using it.
  • This removes excess moisture in the bamboo charcoal.
  • Which restores maximum odor absorption.
Pro Tip 2: Give It 48 Hours
  • PURGGO is scent-free and works 24/7 passively in your car.
  • Because of this, you may not notice any difference initially.
  • Don’t worry, you will after a couple of days 🙂
Pro Tip 3: Use Bamboo Charcoal As Fertilizer
  • At the end of a year when you’re done with PURGGO, cut it open.
  • Dump the bamboo charcoal inside into your lawn or garden.
  • It will serve as a rich and natural fertilizer.

Does It Work ?

I followed the prepping directions for using the PURGGO, and then I hung it in my car. The next morning, when we hopped in the Jeep to get a daily errands done, my daughter and I both noticed that car smelled different. It smelled ..fresh and clean. No frilly scents . Just clean ,crisp air. I love it ! So I would say ,emphatically , YES … the PURGGO Eco Purifier works ,and I don’t mind doing an update 1 month to let you all know if it’s still working!