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Purity Organic Juice & Water … Get Your Drink On !


Purity Organic

Are you looking for a juice that is pure, organic and tastes great? You can look towards Purity Organic !

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the company.The sent me a generous amount of their products to try in exchange for my honest opinion about each one I received ,and I would like to share my thoughts on Purity and their product line.

Purity.Organic… At It’s Finest.


When I received my box of Purity Organic products, I was really impressed by the assortment/variety. I had seen a few flavors at my local Safeway,and I was tempted to buy a bottle or two,but always opted for another bottle of something else (it was usually POM juice because it’s something no one else would drink in the house,lol)  . You can see the assortment that I got in the photo posted below –


I took all the bottles out of the box and placed them in the fridge so that they could get nice a cold before I tried them. I prefer to have my juices and waters to be chilled because I think the flavor is more potent when cool. I also received 2 containers of coconut water from Purity as well. After a day of chilling out in the fridge, I began my tastings … Continue reading to see my thoughts !


Purity Coconut Waters … Step Up Your Drink !

024  Orange Mango Paradise – This tastes soooo delicious ! It’s refreshing and it reminds me of a really good tasting pineapple juice. Another awesome thing about Purity Orange Mango Paradise ?  Only 110 per serving and no fat calories ! This flavor will definitely stay as one of my top choices.

Organic Coconut – Unfortunately,I am not too keen on the original coconut water. There is a bit of an aftertaste that I just can’t get with. I do love that it IS organic and also has not fat calories. Coconut water is so great for hydration ! 023

Purity Juices .. Sooo “Yum” !!

Moving on to the Purity Juices. Oh my goodness, all of the drinks are just bursting with flavor and I was really happy with the quality of all of them.The Purity line of flavors are as follows-

Apple Juice, Cranberry Cocktail, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Iced Tea & Lemonade, GrapeAde, Orange Mango Paradise, Strawberry Paradise,and Pomegranate & Blueberry Plus.My favorite of the bunch was the Strawberry Paradise. It was just sweet enough and it reminded of an exotic Hawaiian drink (non alcoholic,of course); I think this one would be super good as a frozen beverage ,too.All of the juices have a great taste to them,and they are sure to please just about anyone’s taste buds. You should give them a try. They are available at your local Safeway, Whole Foods, and from what I know and have seen. Thank you for reading and I hope you decide to give Purity Organic a try !


disclosure- I was given free product in exchange for my honest opinion on this product .