Remember, Remember… The 26th Of December.

Happy Day After Christmas, Guys! I hope that your Christmas holiday was and is going perfectly. For the most part, I’ve been busy and I’ve been going crazy with family issues. If you remember my post on Facebook, I said that we were in kind of a family crisis. Which we were in and now hopefully we are out of that storm. But I digress. I wanna talk about what’s coming up for the year 2020. You guys… it’s going to be 2020 and just a few days! What are your plans for the upcoming year?

I can tell you right now that my plans are going to sound kind of basic, but they’re not. It’s just something that I always look forward to doing. My plan? I want, of course,to work with few health related companies. But that’s based off my lifestyle choice.

You know I might not have the body that I used to have 10 years ago, but I am still working towards it. So this is why I continuously talk about health and fitness; because it means something and is important to me. I’m also wanting to talk more about house related things. Like, how to brighten up your décor or how to build a meditation rereat in your home. I just really want to do things that are more about self care & self awareness, and being able to make your peace wherever you are.

I hope that you guys are just as excited about next year as I am. Because I’ve got a whole bunch of plans and a whole bunch of things that I want to be able to create and share with you guys.

I also wanna become even more personal With you. That means I wanna be more personal… more face-to-face. I want you guys to be comfortable to ask me questions and know me more.  Hopefully,the year will be prosperous.  Giving, kind enlightening; everything that you and I…. everyone needs in their life. And that is to be happy and in love with yourself. I’m not gonna say anything else because I’m feeling corny, but corny is my middle name (not really). Anyway, before I start rambling too much, I do want to say “thank you guys” for being readers for so long. I do appreciate you. If you guys were not here then I wouldn’t actually be here blogging. I would have started and then stopped but you guys have kept me going and I really appreciate you. So tune and often share and share all of my social media. I’d love to have my fan base grow in 2020.