Reveal & Review – GE Lighting’s New Reveal® Light Bulbs


Reveal The Real Beauty Of Your Home With GE !

Happy 2014 , Everyone ! I am so glad to have you as followers and readers and I hope that you rang in the New Year with great fun and fantastic family with you !

As a way of welcoming in the New Year,I wanted to share with you a new way to renew and reveal the real beauty of your home in a very simple and easy way … with light bulbs. Did you know that the right lighting can make all the difference in how a room can look or feel? People like to use the term “ambience” to describe it. It works well for certain people,too. Photographers,for instance. Lighting means everything for them. Some of the time ,it’s an artificial light from a shadowbox.Other times, it’s natural light that shines through,and even more…the look comes from a flash bulb . Which brings me to my review; The Light bulb.

Did you know there is a new ,better way of lighting your home and revealing it’s hidden beauty? Well, there is. It’s called “GE Reveal“. The new Reveal light bulb is lighting that comes from the GE (General Electric) family,a well known and trusted brand , that has been helping to illuminate households all over the world every day.The reveal® bulbs are known for transforming rooms by removing the dull yellows of standard soft whites and instead providing beautiful clean white light that help the colors (and everything else) in your home to pop. Popular retail store ,Target , now features a new lighting section including GE reveal® premium light bulbs. GE Lighting also just released a new LED version that you can find at the same aforementioned retailer.

I had the great opportunity given to me to recreate and Reveal one of the rooms in my rooms with the GE New Reveal light bulbs. I am pleased to share with you the results,both in writing and in living color right before you eyes. Read what I discovered and watch and see for yourself .

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