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Sepo Sauce – The Newest, Most Yummy Versatile Cooking Sauce !

Sepo Sauce – It’s In There !

Sepo Sauce

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Sepo Sauce

Are your snacks tasting a bit drab now that the New Years “resolution” has become a little harder to do ? You can perk up your salads, sacks, and sandwiches with Sepo Sauce from Sepofonique ! I had the opportunity to try Sepo Sauce for myself ,and while I don’t use it frequently, I do like the flavor that it has and I love the taste that it adds to my salads. I use Sepo Sauce as a dressing of sorts to go onto my sandwiches that I have sometimes for lunch. It’s a flavor/taste that isn’t too overpowering and it gives me the kick that I crave. Thus, making for a great meal that I can keep sorta lo-cal !

You can use SEPO  Sauce as a dip, spread or salad dressing. Brightens up fried food and mellows out veggies for a well-rounded bite.” People have been suggesting that is great on:

  • Salads, Veggie trays, and as a dip for pita or tortilla chips

  • Tri tip, Rib Eye, Pork and Chicken as a finishing sauce (does not need applied heat)

  • Lobster, crab, sautéed or fried fish, shrimp or calamari (absolutely a great substitute for tartar and cocktail sauce for parties)

  • Use as a dip for bread trays or spread it on your sandwich… replaces at least 4 bottles that you would normally apply to your sandwich bread.

  • Onion rings, french fries and tempura veggies

  • Apply it to your skin for that healthy glow (JUST KIDDING)