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Sleep Well for Kids Review + Giveaway


Have you ever had those restless nights where your beautiful babies just can’t get to sleep, and the less sleep they get, the fussier they become ?  Yeah…if you have kids, you have encountered this at least once in your life . Luckily ,there are a few ways now to help alleviate the crankiness … and they come in the form of soft words and music. Enter the Live Well Series and “Sleep Well For Kids”.

Sleep Well for Kids features the silky voice and soothing guided imagery written and performed by Janet Montgomery CH.t. Mixed with Jeff Gold’s beautifully relaxing melodies, they combine to create a nurturing atmosphere that can help children & their parents drift off to sleep.
Janet guides you on a leisurely stroll through her neighborhood to a farm where we are introduced to a variety of friends with a simple message of kindness to all animals, and respect for nature as we are relaxed to sleep. Take a listen to what the CD sound like :

Song Title Time Price
  1. Sleep Well for Kids 30:13 Album Only

When I listened to the CD, I was even tempted to fall sleep by the relaxing music that was playing in the background, even if I was a bit focused on the voice as well. It is very soothing and really helps to just relax the senses,which in my opinion, helps to calm you enough to fall asleep. Mommies with toddlers will love this CD !

Live Well


Manage the Stress of Every Day
Living Using the Following Strategies:

Breathing Techniques
Affirmations & Visualization
Conscious Thinking
Changing Negative Thought Patterns
Progressive Relaxation
Guided Imagery Interactive Experience

– See more at: http://www.livewellseries.com/relax/#sthash.7MliT0y5.dpuf

There are also other volumes in the Live Well series, including one that is called “Live Well – Techniques For Managing Stress”. I am currently using this CD about 1 time a week, and I find it helpful for me when I am alone and trying to find my happy place.If you are interested in learning more about or want to buy the CD ,you can find it on Amazon.

Also, you can enter my giveaway below and take a chance winning one of the CDs ! Just follow the easy steps to enter … good luck and thanks for reading ! sig