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Snack Happy Tip … With Dipping Chips !

Healthy Blog alert !

If you ever wanted a great tasting chip that was packed full of flavor, could withstand your chunkiest of dips/salsas , AND was healthy , I have found a great one for you ! They are called “Dippin’ Chips” and wow, oh wow, are the tasty !

Dippin' Chips
Chip Lovers, Unite … Dippin’ Chips are here !

I was given a great opportunity by the people of Party’tizers to try out their Dippin’ Chips product ,and I gladly accepted ! As you know (I have mentioned more than a few times), I am making the switch to a better ,healthier lifestyle and eating good and healthy foods are a part of that change. But of course, the food has to taste great as well. I am a huge “Foodie” and I love my food to not just look good, but taste good ,too. Oh, and love to snack … salty snacks are my absolute weakness ! I believe that Dippin’ Chips are a very close competitor to the other brands that are out there on the shelves now. The chips come in 3 deliciously  unique and 2  flavors that I am sure you will enjoy . The well-known flavors are Sea Salt and Sour Cream & Onion,and the 3 unique flavors are  –

Veggie– Kale Carrot Spinach

Kale Dippin' chips Tricias-List

The Kale Dippin’ chips are pretty good. I think they make a great stand alone chip,too, but I prefer my chips to be a little on the salty side.These are good on flavor but would also pair well with a creamy dip.

3 Bean – (Black,Red, and Adzunki)

3 bean Dippin' Chips Tricias-List


These are my favorite of the trio ! I think the 3 Bean Dippin’ chips are just the right taste,texture ,and saltiness to be used as a stand alone chip or as a dipping chip. I also would recommend these if you wanted to make a taco salad or something like that.Lots of great flavor and crunch with these.

Super Grains -Quinoa Amaranth,and Black Sesame

Quinoa Dippin' Chips Tricias-List


I love the variety of flavors in these Quinoa Dippin’ chips, but they were not for me. I don’t know, I think I was just biased by the 3 Bean chips ,really. As with the two previous flavor, the chips are perfect for dipping (think that other brand “scoops”),and they hold up well even with the chunkiest of salsas.

Now,truthfully, I have one flavor that I like more than the rest. It’s the 3 bean one,and that’s because it’s seems heartier than the other two flavors and it reminds me of a Frito . I also think it has just a bit more saltiness to it, which is something I crave in my crunchy snacks.I was actually very surprised at the first taste of all of the flavors.  I know that sometimes,people the word “healthy”, and they automatically think of diets and food tasting like cardboard, but that really isn’t the case in a lot of healthy options today.And , that includes the great tasting Dippin’ Chips ! Did you  know that some Dippin’ Chips are –

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Certified Kosher
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Have No MSG and Contain 0% Trans Fat
  • Have No Artificial Flavors,Colors, Or Preservatives

Now, I call that extremely health forward and health wise ! All that goodness AND taste great too . That’s Dippin’ Chips … check them out !


*Disclaimer*I received compensation and/or free product in exchange for my honest opinion on Partytizers Dipping’ Chips.