SOPA Anniversary … Note From Google



Two years ago, over 7 million Internet users like you helped defeat the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) — a bill that would have censored the web and impeded innovation.

Since we combined our voices to stop SOPA, creativity has continued to thrive — both on and off the web.

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The Internet is awesome for creativity and we're fighting to keep it that way

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Of course, piracy remains a major concern and Google does its part to fight it, but, two years after SOPA, it’s clear that the Internet has been really good for creativity and entertainment.

Singers, filmmakers, and comedians today have more outlets for creativity online than ever before. The movie and music industries remain strong, and thanks to the Internet we have so many more choices for entertainment, including YouTube videos, online-only movies and TV shows, and surprise online-only releases of popular music.

The only thing SOPA would have done is restrict creativity, collaboration, and freedom of speech. Our reaction demonstrated the power of regular Internet users to affect policy — and it’s a tradition we should continue.

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Derek Slater
Google Inc

P.S. Google works hard to fight online piracy. Learn how.