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Thinning Hair ? Try Fibolica Hair Fibers

Thinning Hair ? Try Fibolica Hair Fibers

I had a great opportunity to try out a new product from Fibolica . I have worked with the company before ,so I was very open to working with them again. The product I am going to talk to you about today is not just any kind of product… it’s for thinning hair.

I can be a super vain person at times, and I care a lot about my appearance. I like to look good,and when I feel that I look good,my confidence level is through the roof. So, when I notice one day that I had a bit of a thinning patch at the back of my head, I was mortified ! I mean, how does hair loss and thinning happen and what do I do about it !?! I did some studying and found that of course, hair loss and thinning is majorly hereditary,but it can also be started by stress ,pregnancy, and diet change. Well, my diet had not changed and we are not even thinking about any more babies (leave that to younger people in the family),so I am going to blame the stress factor for this maddening problem.

fibolica for thinning hair (1) fibolica for thinning hair (2) fibolica for thinning hair (3)

When my Fibolica  arrived at my doorstep, I must admit, I was a little embarrassed. I mean , I felt liek I was too young to be having this problem in the first place ,and I worried about what people would think if they somehow saw the fibers . But , once I actually used the product that day, my fears and worries went away. Not only was Fibolica easy to use, my hair looked pretty nice after application (see photos below).

fibolica for thinning hair  fibolica for thinning hair (4)

.And I didn’t feel like a had to worry about people seeing that thin part of hair anymore. I plan on using my bottle of Fibolica as a cover until my thin patch restores itself.  I highly suggest that , if you have a problem with thinning hair, you try out Fibolica. It works very well, and it gives you back the confidence you had before you knew that problem spot was there.