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Tricia’s List Ice Cream “Pick Of 2013” :: Alden’s Organic Ice Cream

I have found some of the BEST Ice Cream out there in stores today,and I do mean it tops the charts in taste and just  plain goodness ! Added bonus … It’s Organic !!!

Alden’s Got It Right !

A little bit of info about Alden’s Organic Ice Cream before I start.

Alden’s Organic Ice Cream is just an amazing creamy concoction that I really enjoy eating. The wonderful people over at Alden’s Organic  gave me a grand opportunity to review their delicious products. They sent me coupons to go and pick out my favorite flavor(s) at my nearest store. I chose to go to Safeway , because Safeway is the closest store to me that seems to specialize in better ,healthier ,and more organic foods. Low and behold… a variety of Alden’s Organic Ice Cream was there ,seeming to just be waiting for me to pick some up ! I chose Vanilla Bean because you just can’t go wrong with vanilla and you can also add extras to it like my very own homemade rum sauce. If you’d like that recipe,just leave a comment and I ‘ll make a separate post for it ! To continue on with my review for Alden’s ,I would like to share a few photos of the ice cream. Here they go –

001  007 003011


I am so happy that I had a chance to try Alden’s Organic Ice Cream, The taste is so yummy,and it’s incredibly creamy. The vanilla bean flavor is definitely there (you can see the vanilla bean right in it !) ,and the fact that the ingredients are Kosher,Gluten Free (except for the cookies& cream)  and Organic just make this anytime frozen treat so much better.I cannot keep raving about how good it taste.I’m a lover of ice creams,and so is my family and they will tell you if something is good or not.With Alden’s Organic Ice Cream,they liked it so much ,they wanted seconds..and they don;t usually want seconds on my choice of “healthy” ice creams,lol ! If you are interested in trying Alden’s Ice Cream,you can find it at the following stores  (click the Alden’s photo to be taken to the store locator)-

Store Locator


Also, you go visit their Facebook page to stay up to date on news from the company …it’s got a lot of information that everyone can use as well as listing of other flavors!