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Waxelene – A Natural Way to Smoother Skin


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Ugh..Dry Skin Blues

Dry skin… who needs it?! I hate that I have dry skin. Sometimes,my skin is so dry that  it feels like it’s cracking..especially during the cold,brutal Winter months. And, in the Summer,my dry skin causes a problem by being super ashy and then I over moisturize and it seems like the moisturizing makes my skin sweat more and that’s just gross,in my opinion.My legs and hands tell the dry skin tale the most,though.My face and upper body is surprisingly soft and supple.

Remedy To The Problem ?

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That brings me to my product review.I had the pleasure of working with the wonderful people over at Waxelene ,and they sent me a generous full size sample of their product.

What is Waxelene?

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I know ,some of you are asking, :”What the heck is this, Waxelene?”, right? Well,let me tell you. Waxelene is an all natural organic alternative to petroleum jelly. It only contains 4 ingredients and they are indeed, all natural (check here to see the list). Waxelene also does it utmost to be as Eco-Friendly and Green is they can.They do this by using recyclable glass jars with a metal lids and they power their facility with 100% wind power.They also use 100% post-consumer recycled boxes. Talk about Being Green !


Anywho… lets get to how Waxelene works on dry skin.I have been using the product for quite some time now,so I know that it works for me and my dry skin.I usually apply it on my legs and feet and hands because that is where I mostly have problems with dryness. The product itself is a little,well a lot, different than what you would probably be expecting from a skin moisturizer.It’s not creamy and it’s not a lotion.It’s kind of like lip balm in a container.It’s odorless,save for the natural smells of the beeswax in it, and I think that is a plus for the product. When I use Waxelene, it goes on a little thick but then,as it heats to my body,it smooths out and leaves my skin soft,smooth,and a little relieved because it is no longer dry. I especially use it for my feet and heels,because I am a flip-flop woman and I wear my flip-flops every where during in any season/time of the year (yes even Winter, :-O ) ,so my feet really do have to look nice and not banged up and crusty.And believe me,if I neglect my feet ,they get REAL crusty! I am very pleased with results that I get every time that I use the Waxelene product,and I think that if you have dry skin,you could probably benefit from using it,too.There are other uses for the product;  it’s not just for dryness.You can use it for the following-

(excerpt taken from the Waxelene website –

  • Soothing and moisturizing chapped, dry skin:
    • Lips, elbows, knees, face, dry spots, anywhere!
    • Eczema & psoriasis.
    • Winter and dry weather skin protection and hydration.
    • Keep noses happy – prevents and relieves irritation on nose & lips from runny noses and constant wiping with tissues.
  • Make-up & removing make-up:
    • Add healthy glow to lips & face.
    • Apply to arms or legs for a subtle sheen.
    • Remove eye make-up – apply a dab to a towel or tissue and wipe off.
    • Add a bit to eyelids for a soft shine/dewy look.
  • Hands & Feet:
    • Relieve drying effects from repeated hand washings, doing dishes, etc.
    • Moisturize cuticles.
    • Put on base of nails to prevent nail polish from getting on skin.
    • Apply to feet or hands before bed, then put on socks or gloves for incredibly soft skin in the morning!
  • Babies:
    • Reduce diaper irritation.
    • Put on evebrows to prevent shampoo from running into eyes.
    • Apply for cradle cap.
  • Sports:
    • Running, biking, volleyball, diving, hiking, skiing, etc.
    • Lubricate and protect from chafing, friction, and wind burn all day long.
    • Wetsuit rash prevention – apply to neck and tight spots. Won’t deteriorate wetsuit like petroleum products and no petroleum in the water!
  • Hair:
    • For dying hair, apply to skin around hairline and ears to prevent staining.
    • Use to prevent flyaways and for styling.
    • Rub into ends of hair to hide split ends.
    • Control wild eyebrows.
  • After Sun: Soothe and moisturize tender skin.
  • Shaving or AftershaveFor face/legs etc. Moisturizes & lubricates.
  • Use for anything you would use petroleum jelly for and more!

If you are interested in purchasing Waxelene,you can buy from their store OR you can go to your local retailers listed here-


Whole Foods

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Natural Grocers



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