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What I’m Loving Now *Cheribundi * Pick Of The Week !


What’s in a juice ?

Juices. There are so many of them out there in the consumer world. Some promise to give you energy,some promise to give extra nutrition in place of actually eating food,and so on and so forth. But what ever happened to drinking juice just because it simply tastes good? Guess what … I found that juice . It’s Cheribundi !

Cheribundi was started in 2009,and has been going strong ever since. The story behind the company is that well… cherries are good for you.

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries!

Cherries have so many benefits attached them,it’s unbelievable ! Did you know that cherries are super high in anti-oxidants ,which can play a role in lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer, and help  promote healthy skin and brain cells….it’s true !! Cherries also have anti-inflammatory properties ,and that can help you with some alleviating some ailments ranging from muscle pains to gout and arthritis.How cool is that?!  That’s why Cheribundi juices are so amazing;they use the power and flavor of cherries to make the best natural juices for you. So…on to Cheribundi and the list of wonderful juices AND teas that they have.

I was given the delicious opportunity to test and review an array of Cheribundi products this week. I was actually quite impressed at the packaging ;nice sturdy box with the company logo on it and the bottles of juice and tea neatly placed in. cheribundi review #TriciasList.com  When I took out all of the bottles to view the flavors,I have to admit,I was super stoked to drink them.They all sound so delicious ! What flavors does Cheribundi have,you ask? They offer the following-

  • Cherry Juice
  • Cherry Light
  • Cherry Rebuild
  • Cherry Restore
  • Cherry Relax
  • Fruit Refesh (The line that I received)
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  • Cherry Blueberry
  • Cherry Lemonade
  • Cherry Raspberry
  • Cherry Pomegranate
  • Cherry Cranberry
  • Tea Refresh *The other line of juices I received)
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  • Cherry Black Tea
  • Cherry Green Tea
  • Cherry Jasmine Tea
  • Cherry Rooisbos Tea

How is THAT for a healthy choice of cherry juices? I loved being to try out the Refresh and Tea lines from Cheribundi.Did you even know that you could use cherries in tea? I didn’t until now !  And you know what another great part of it is..Cheribundi is natural and it tastes great ! It’s labeled as “tart” but it’s not that pucker your lips and wince type tart..it’ just right,because it’s sweetened with apple juice or stevia,which are also natural ingredients. I ask myself now…why didn’t I find these juices before?! I love the Cheribundi juices and teas (I plan on having them continuously in my home),and I think you will love them too.

One of the main reasons why I am loving these juices is because they are natural.I have really been trying to keep my healthy eating and living on par,and it gets so frustrating sometimes when I go looking for a juice that is great tasting and loaded with sugars or artificial colors.Fortunately,Cheribundi is one juice that I can count on for both great taste, and health. And as I mentioned before,you get some amazing benefits from the antioxidants that cherries naturally bring to you.

Go out and grab a bottle or two and see for yourself ! The Cheribundi Facebook has a 7 Day challenge that you can participate in .If you sign up for the challenge,they will email you coupons to use towards your next Cheribundi juice  purchase. You can use the store locator to see where your nearest store is. Thank you for reading and thank you ,again,for being a Tricias-Lister !!

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