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What I’m Loving Now *Kitchen Edition* Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set


Cooking With Ozeri Elite

How many of my readers out there like to cook? Me,I LOVE to cook. And,when I have the time, I enjoy try my hardest to always cook up something new and delicious.I also try to have the proper utensils ready for when I am cooking.This includes,cooking pans, serving dishes,and … knives. Which leads me into today’s post.

I know that I have mentioned the Ozeri company before,and that is because I really LOVE their products ! I have used their Earth Stone Pans (amazing),and their digital kitchen scale (very handy), and now,I have been able to review their Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3 piece Knife Set.

Ozeri Knife Set

Once I received the knife set and opened it,I was very impressed.The sleek design and the pure beauty of the set already makes it stand out,and the fact that the knife set is ceramic gives it an upscale appeal. Take a look at what they look like –


Okay…so now that you have seen the Ozeri Elite ,let me tell me about easy they are to handle.They are very light (all 3 pieces of the set only equal to 1 lb !) ,and to me it seems that the build/design of the handle help to hold and use the knife better and longer.The set includes the a 6′ Chef’s Knife, a 5′ Slicing Knife,and a 3′ Paring Knife.They are each branded with the Ozeri name on them  and they have black super soft,super light handles on them that have a shiny metal edging to them. They cut just as amazing as they look,too ! I have used my knives for various cooking projects ,but one of favorite ones was when I used the Chef’s knife to take the skin off of my pineapple when I was making Hawaiian pulled pork. 043

The Ozeri 6′ Chefs knife cut the rind off of that pineapple like it was soft butter.I didn’t even need to put any effort into at all.I have also used the Chefs knife butterfly chicken and to chop/dice my fruit,veggies,and herbs.I really love using my Ozeri Elite knife set.In away,it makes me feel like I am more of a chef than I really am…or it could be that when I know have a great product ,I feel more empowered to use the product more often …and even show it off more.


Oh! There are a couple of very important things you need to know about these knives. They are CERAMIC , they are DIAMOND SHARP, and they will CHIP. What does that mean for you?That means that you need to be careful when you are handling these knives .Ad with any knife, you should always take care at how you take hold of a knife to safeguard yourself from accidental cuts. And because the knives are ceramic,  you should not ever out these the dishwasher to be cleaned;handwash only and then dry and put away in a place all to themself. I suggest keeping them stored in the package they are delivered to you in unless you have a better place for storage. Also, because the knives are ceramic,take care of the tips.Unlike normal metal knives, you can’t toss these around or drop them.While they are amazing sharp,they can be broken and it is usually the tips that break. I ,myself,have not had any of my knives break or chip on me ,but I have heard of this happening.

I made a video of me using the knife set, but the quality was not as I wanted to be,so maybe at a later time, I will include one and upload it onto our Tricias-List video page. Until  then, I will continue to use the knives and rave about them ! If you are interested in purchasing the Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set, you can find them on Amazon (I think this is the best deal) . Let me know what you think of this review by leaving a comment below…I love when I get feedback !!