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Work Out Energy Boost ? Try Xyience Xenergy !

I like to lead a healthy lifestyle. Or… at least I TRY to lead one,lol. Getting my exercise in a couple of days a week should be an easy thing,right? Wrong ! Sometimes I just don’t want to “get up and go”. Sometimes… I just need a little boost. That’s why I ,on days that I do work out or go out to get some cardio work in, I use some form of pre-workout prep. And there is one that I have been using for a little while now; It’s called Xyience.

I have been given a really great opportunity to work with the Xyience family and I really enjoy the products. I first heard of Xyience while I was at work.The company had come to set up a sampling at my store,and I got to meet a few of the employees.  Xyience  They were all pretty nice and they were very helpful at informing me and other patrons about Xyience and all of its products. So, I felt honored when I was offered to do a review about them. Not to mention, I got to try a little bit of all the drinks they have .. woo wooo ,lol !

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One of the 1st Xyience products I tried was actually the Xenergy + Lemonade. 102

This is one of the tastiest energy drinks that I have had,and while it gives me that extra energy that I need to begin a workout,it doesn’t overdo it and make me jittery or lasts forever and a day like others do. One can of my Xnergy,and 10 minutes later ,I am ready to go get my cardio on or my workout done..whichever it is. 095 Xenergy drinks come in different varieties for consumers with different preferences.

Xenergy ™ Premium Energy beverages “are fortified with a special blend of ingredients, designed to give you sustained energy, with no crash. L-Carnitine and Vitamins B6 and B12 are included for their involvement in energy metabolism, while a scientifically advanced blend of caffeine, guarana, Glucuronolactone and Ginseng provide sustained energy, without any crash.” These regular drinks are carbonated and they are also zero calorie and sugar free… how awesome is that ?!

Other drinks in the line are –

x lemonadeXenergy + Lemonade -Non carbonated. Comes in Pineapple and Raspberry flavors

Xenergy + Tea – Non carbonated drink. Comes in Honey Ginseng and Raspberry Acai flavors   x tea

hydrationXenergy + Hydration – This is a non carbonated drink,and it comes in Grape and Tropical Punch flavors.

If you would like to learn more about Xyience Xnergy  and the product line (including work out supplements), you can visit their site by going HERE. You can also find the drinks where other energy drinks are sold.

disclosureI was given compensation for my honest review on the aforementioned product.All thoughts and writings in this post are my own.