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Setting Up A YouTube Channel – Easier Than You Think !

Setting Up A YouTube Channel – Easier Than You Think !


YouTube Channels. I know that a lot of bloggers sometimes cringe at the thought of having one, while some love this way of blogging. If you didn’t already know, many companies are turning to bloggers who also have a vlog, or video blog, page. Most companies who prefer this method usually like to work with YouTube Vloggers, a channel/site which we will be discussing in the short article.

WHAT Is YouTube Vlogging ?


A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog /ˈvlɒɡ/, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television.

Basically, Vlogging is blogging…in video form. You get to talk about your topic in front of a camera in the comfort of your home. Most of the time, you’ll show the actual product you are vlogging about to your viewers and even show how it works , if you choose to (or if required by the product sponsor)

WHY YouTube Vlogging ?

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That is the question that some ask. Well, this is a source for you and the companies you are working with that allows for unlimited social media reach. The video that you upload has the possibility to reach millions and will always be accessible to viewers. Every time you get a view on your video, you make money and the company gets more attention to their product; It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved… every day.

Setting Up Is Easy !

So now that you know of a couple ways that having a YouTube channel can benefit you as a blogger, let’s tell you how to set a channel up. It’s pretty simple… just follow these steps ! Note:These are steps provided by the YouTube site, so they should be right “en point” for you!

Create a personal channel with your name

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to YouTube.
  2. Try any action that requires a channel: e.g. upload, post a comment, or create a playlist.
  3. If you don’t yet have a channel, you’ll see a prompt to create a channel.
  4. Check the details (with your Google account name and photo) and confirm to create your new channel.

Create a channel with a business or other name

  1. On a computer or in a mobile browser, make sure you’re signed in to YouTube.
  2. Go to All my channels.
  3. If you want to make a YouTube channel for a Google+ page that you manage, you can choose it here. Otherwise, choose Create a new channel to set up a channel with a different name than your Google account name.
  4. Fill out the details to create your new channel.

Learn more about using a channel with a business or other name on YouTube.

Got It? GOOD !

Now that you know the steps to creating a channel for yourself… don’t forget to visit the IBABloggers channel and subscribe! We look forward to seeing and hearing from you. Tune in soon when we will be launching our very first channel video !!