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What IS Tricias-List ?

Tricias-List is a Lifestyle & Travel Blog created by its owner,Tricia Wehner.

Over the past 9 years (yes, Tricias-List is NINE this year!), I have worked hard and helped my first run Blogspot site bloom into a successful and active website. I have written product reviews for a variety of well-known companies (Build A Bear Workshop,Soft Scrub,and Soda Stream),written articles for SheSpeaks,Social Moms,Visit Virgina Beach,and Applegate Farms. I have also done a commercial for Bayer Advanced Aspirin based off of my experience/review with their aspirin product (my way to becoming a member of SAG-AFTRA)! rank has increased 93% over the last 3 months. the website was launched at July 1, 2012 and is 7 years and 207 days. It reaches roughly 103,380 users and delivers about 227,490 pageviews each month.


 Work With Tricias-List !


I love working with just about any company! I’m a credentialed member of the US Press Association and an occasional content contributor to the site. If you’re looking to collaborate with me, feel free to contact me at . I hope that you enjoy my blog site ,and thank you for visiting  … is YOUR product on “The List”?

2016 YouTube Social Media Manager for IBA (also on the Senior Board for same association)International Bloggers' Association


TOP Product Reviewer For Well-Known Site. Many companies there on the site revere me. View to see some of the wonderful comments spoken of my review work by visiting this link!

I do YouTube Video Reviews !!! This particular video below is a very popular one . It has over 71,000 views!

Review and Article Links (Check them out…you’ll love them) !

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