5 Reasons To Visit Medieval Times Baltimore

5 Reasons To Visit Medieval Times Baltimore

It’s always good to get the royal treatment. And that’s what you’ll definitely get when you go to a Medieval Times show.

   And, We’re Off!

I, along with my family, went to a show December 21st show and we absolutely loved it! We live near the Baltimore, MD area, so we decided to take the short drive and enjoy the dinner and theatrical show combo. Besides being just a fun place to visit overall, there are at least 5 fun reasons to visit Medieval Times, and I’m going to share them with you.

  1.   Easy Exercise! The venue itself is located inside Arundel Mills Mall, so parking is free, which is a plus! Also, because it’s located inside the mall, you can go shopping and/ or just get some cardio in if you choose to walk around the mall itself. I think that if you walk around the mall once, you’ll get 1 mile of cardio in at the very least.
  2. Time Travel!  When you step into the castle, you are greeted by serfs and maidens. They all try to speak in the language/accent spoken during Medieval Times and they are dressed in the clothing of that time. It’s pretty fun to see them in character all the time. Oh, and they give you a crown of your own to wear!
  3. Chamber Of Horrors. While you’re waiting to be escorted into the castle tournament area, you’ll be able to visit what I like to call a “Chamber Of Horrors”. This area displays a slew of devices that were created and used to torture prisoners (and many times even innocent people). Some of these items on display are “hands on”, so you can feel the authenticity of them… an affect that makes the chamber creepier and more real feeling.
  4. Delicious Food ! Once you’re escorted  to your respected seat in the actual, a servant will come and ask what dinner you’d like during your stay. You’ll have a choice between the regular choice (roasted chicken, potato, and corn)  or a vegetarian meal. You also get a bowl of tomato soup for an appetizer and yummy dessert… and it’s all brought to you at your seat while the tournament is going on!
  5. Interactive, Exciting Family Fun! Speaking of tournament, the best part of a Medieval Times visit is the Knights tournaments! While you’re eating your royal dinner, you’ll be treated to live jousting entertainment by the knights in your kingdom,. Our knight was the Black & White Knight, and he was an amazing fighter and protector. The knights performed knife and axe throwing skills at bullseye targets, raced on their trusty steeds,and jousted against each other to show their skill and strength. What was even more exciting is that OUR KNIGHT WON the tournament that evening… WAHOO!!


Below are a few (okay a LOT) of photos that my family and I took on our time travel excursion to Medieval Times. There’s pictures from the chamber of horrors as well as photos from around the castle and during the actual show. I hope that you enjoy the photos!

      Medieval Times

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