5 Tips To Caring For Your Body In 2018

5 Great Self Care Tips For Your Body You Should Try This Year

You want your body to feel good and look good. Well, for this to happen, you have to take care of your body by eating right, exercising, watching what you eat, taking care of your skin and resting.

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Therefore, if you up to it, here are tips you can use to care for your body in 2018.

  1. Eat the right food, diet and nutrition take water

Eat healthy foods and maintain the right portions. Some of the essential foods that you should eat are proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Include high-fiber foods for metabolism and to have a healthy digestive system. It is recommended that you include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Take time to note the flavors and smell of the food you eat.

Avoid a lot of carbohydrates especially those in processed foods. You should also avoid processed foods since they are high in salt, sugar and fats, all which are not good for your health.

Doctors recommend that an adult should take 8 glasses of water daily to ensure you remain hydrated. Remember that a body consists of 75% water. Therefore, taking enough of it makes sure you remain healthy.  Water also helps to rid of toxins in the body.

  1. Exercise to keep fit

Exercise can help you to keep your body feeling good, looking good and being healthy. Also, when you exercise, the body produces feel-good hormones that make you happy.

Simple exercises such as walking for 30 minutes a day, taking a flight up the stairs, parking the car a bit far and walking the rest of the distance can go a long way in keeping your body healthy.

Ensure you take regular exercise no matter how small it may seem. However, the recommended exercise range from medium intensity exercise of 20 minutes daily up to three longer high- intensity sessions in a week.

If you are just starting out on exercising, start slow and then build up.

  1. Take care of your skin

The skin is the largest body organ. To keep it healthy, you should protect it from direct sunlight as well as clean it gently. Treat it gently by cleaning it using mild cleansers, not bathing or showering for long, not using hot water and moisturizing it. Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water to keep it looking soft.

  1. Rest and sleep

You should get enough rest and sleep. It is recommended that an adult should sleep for at least 8 hours. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep regularly.

Note that lack of enough sleep can affect the proper functioning of your body such as having a poor memory, poor concentration, moodiness, low libido, heart attack and diabetes.

To rest take time to pamper your body as you rest such as taking a warm bath with candles, salts, bubbles, and aromatherapy, provided you use non-toxic items.

  1. Take care of your mental health

Mental health is as important as physical health.

Poor mental health can affect the functioning of the body to an extent of causing problems such as depression, anxiety, stress and suicidal thoughts.

To care for your mental health, you can try meditation, learn how to cope with stress, watch what you eat as well as avoid drugs and alcohol.


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