Blake’s Foods – All Natural… All Delicious

Blake’s Foods – All Natural… All Delicious


Did you know that there is has been a stigma attached to words natural foods ? It’s funny, too, because each word by itself is just looked upon as a just a word, but when you combine the two, some people automatically connect “nasty” or “tasteless” to them. Which is completely. At least in my opinion, it is. I used to be a person who thought that when you ate healthy, you were giving up all the good things that made eating fun. You know what I mean,right? I used to say, “oh but the MSG’s make it tastes so good”. Yeah, I was that person,lol. But now, I’ve moved on from putting all those chemicals and preservatives in my and my family’s body, and we are healthier and happier for it. No kidding! I still stumble time to time, but right now… I’m good.

The cold weather is here and Winter is coming, and some good comfort food is going to making its way onto a lot of our kitchens and dining tables this season. Instead of grabbing those overprocessed quick meals, consider trying some delicious pot pies from Blake’s All Natural Foods . I recently discovered the Blake’s product when I attended the Moms Meet 2016 Summit in Washington,DC, and I love the brand!

Real Food

Blake’s has real food. Meaning that if you’re worried that you’re eating Vegan, don’t be (Even though Vegan food can be quite tasty)! Their pot pies have real hunks of chicken, turkey, and beef in nearly every spoonful. And not only are the pies full of meat, they have some really delicious veggies in them. Did I mention that Blake’s pot pies are super tasty? What’s crazy about these pies is that they are microwaveable and they still taste homemade! I mean, take a look at the photos below and tell me you don’t want to try them at least one time; You know you do.

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Man! Do you see those succulent pieces of chicken that are pictured? And how flaky that crust looks? Let me tell you… those aren’t illusions or photoshop trickery; that’s the real Blake’s product made at my house in a microwave! I just love them! These pies are so delectable; I promise you. This is coming form a person who grew up on banquet and swanson pot pies,guys. Blake’s is on point.

You can find Blake’s Pot Pies in any Natural Foods isle in your grocery store, and if your store doesn’t carry the brand… request them to. Now, I know that when you go to look for the brand, you may be taken aback at the difference in price compared to the normal brands out there. But think of it this way, you’re paying for all natural food goodness with no GMO’s, no chemicals that may be harming you or your family later, and you’re eating healthier which is good for your body! If that doesn’t convince you, then just try one for yourself. You see and taste the difference that all natural food can make. Okay…now that I’ve unbiased-ly (yeah,right) told you about this brand, go out and give it try. Your body will thank you for it!

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