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Budget planning. It’s something that we all hate to do. But, you know that we have to do it in order to have a good financial plan and to keep money in our pocket. Also, to know where money is going when we spend it. With that being said, I have a confession to make. I honestly have just recently been able to start getting my budget planning down. Ever since this year with the pandemic and Covid19, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to actually have money for my family. But I set budgets and surprisingly I have a good amount of saving still.

Planning Works

Now, I have my own type of budget plan, but I found this awesome site. It’s called Pigly, and they’ve got so many different and helpful methods that you can use to help with your budget plans. I mean they have calculators for your savings, investments, retirement. They even have loan calculators! I really suggest that you go visit and take a couple of minutes to see what they offer. The site’s very in depth and honestly, it’s got a ton of things I think would be helpful for just about anyone.

What IS Pigly?

Since I went off on my rant, let me tell you what Pigly is.

A 2018 survey by the Federal Reserve indicated 40% of Americans would not be able to cover a $400 emergency with cash, savings, or a credit card they could quickly pay off.

Alarmed by the above, we thought it made sense to create a site to help people solve personal finance issues. We are a group of talented IT and communication professionals who are dedicated to providing consumers a free suite of online calculators to help save you time and money all year long.We provide a diverse range of helpful tools including savings, mortgage, credit cards, vehicles, loans, debt, budgeting and business.

Our online calculators are reviewed by experts to ensure accuracy and reliability, with periodic updates adding new features based on user feedback. Usage is free without requiring registration. Evergreen guides compliment our calculators. These articles are researched and edited by our in-house team of seasoned senior researchers, writers, editors and designers.

What I like About Pigly

One of the most helpful items on Pigly is the opportunity cost calculator. This helps you decide on what things m you can cut out of your budget. For example, you could check to see how much money will you could save if you quit smoking. Or, check to see if you can cut down your phone cost or even how you can cut your electricity cost down. Heck they even have something that may accounts for economy inflation!

Did I mention the pigly website is free? I didn’t?! Well, it is. It’s ad free it’s free to use… I mean everything’s free!! And it’s so super helpful. So, if you have a chance, just go take a couple of minutes look at the site. I can damn near guarantee you that you will find something that will be helpful for you and your family. And who knows. it may even help put and keep money in your pocket. Just try it, and once you do come back home come back to our site and let me know what you thought of it. As always, I appreciate you reading I will talk to you later… BYE!!!

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