I Found The PERFECT “Guy” Gift!

The PERFECT “Guy” Gift!

Hey guys! Long time, no talk. I know it’s been a while since I’ve given you some new content. So, I’m gonna start off with telling you that I found probably the most perfect gift for the guy in your life. And I’m only saying this because I got this for my hubby and he absolutely loves it.

It’s something that he has always wanted and always talked about it. Well, I just happened to find it on Amazon at a decent price,  so I bought it. What am I talking about? A drinking horn for Vikings, of course!

Drinking horn for Vikings

Drinking horn for Vikings

Father's day gift

Father's day gift idea

Going by the photos I just shared, what do you guys think? Nice gift, or am I just overly weird? Personally,  I AM weird,  but I’m still lovable as f*ck!


This item is “handcrafted with premium quality & replicates the horns used by ancient Vikings and Norse. Ideal for enjoying your favorite drinks, with a capacity of 10-14oz for beer, soft drinks, mead, hot chocolate, or any other beverage, it’s suitable for both cold and hot drinks.” Yes, the husband has put this to the test and it very safe to use as a drinking device.

My Thoughts

So now that I’ve shared some photos with you and also have shared some fun facts about this drinking device. Let me give you my thoughts about it. I think this Viking Horn cup is pretty snazzy. You get extra brownie points if you have a person who’s really interested in norse or Viking history.

Father’s Day Gift Idea

I think it would make a perfect Father’s Day Gift for a lot of people, even if you’re not really interested in Viking history, it’s an awesome thing to be able to put on display. Did I mention that it has its own stand so that you can display it?

The set comes with a shot glass, a bottle opener, and a pouch, just in case you want to store it. And its price, really well. So if you’re looking for an cool little father’s get a gift, this is on my list. Happy shopping and Happy Early Father’s Day!

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