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Celebrate Your Special Event With

Celebrate Your Special Event With GourmetGiftBaskets .com


I love celebrations! If you don’t know by now, I’m that person who likes to have a party for just about any occasion. And if there’s no real reason, I make a reason to party. Hosting an event can be hard to do, and it can also be pretty simple if you use the right outlets. I like to sometimes use a caterer or chef… and I also use online fooderies like GourmetGiftBaskets .com.

Who IS GourmetGiftBaskets?

I used Gourmet Gifts twice this month. I had a lovely and delicious red velvet cake served up as dessert during my Diva’s Cooking Party. And, I ordered a pretty as well as tasty yellow egg cake for Easter. The egg cake is perfectly sized for my family and I to have a serving a piece , and the red velvet cake was more than enough to serve the 8 ladies attending the cooking the party with 3 days of extra dessert.

GGB cakes and desserts are a wonderful ways to celebrate special events or to just have just as a treat for you and your family. When you order from them, you’ll receive your delivery from, though. The two brands are sister companies and they work together to bring consumers the very best in foodie gifting ideas! Not only are the cakes beautifully made, they taste amazing. And… they keep well if you have to freeze them. For example, I’m freezing my egg cake right now until Easter weekend. It comes wrapped in plastic when delivered so it’s protected from freezer burn and other elements. My red velvet cake was shipped overnight and came to me frozen. I thawed it by keeping it out on the counter until guests arrived, and it was divine…seriously! Below are a few photos of both cakes; I hope you enjoy them.

If you want to know more about Gourmet Gift or Cheesecakes,com, take a look at the information below or visit their websites!

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