Gifts From The Heart Matter The Most!

 Gifts From The Heart – They Matter!

   I believe that there is always a time to give a gift. Not just during the holidays, but any day. There are housewarming gifts,friendship day gifts, “I love you” gifts…the list can go on forever. I think that the more personal a gift is that comes from you,the more a person will hold it to their heart. That’s why when I want to get a personalized gift,I turn to Reed&Barton and


For more than 190 years, Reed & Barton has enjoyed a longstanding reputation as one of the country’s foremost marketers of fine tableware and giftware. Reed & Barton products are renowned for their superb design and superior craftsmanship. In addition to flatware, stemware and dinnerware, the Reed & Barton name also graces a full complement of unique giftware. Including picture frames, children’s gifts, crystal and metal serveware, Christmas ornaments, and hardwood chests. For stylish entertaining, cherished gifts or simply making everyday a little more beautiful, Reed & Barton is the choice for those with discriminating taste.

That Sweet Gift

The gifts ideas from can help you find the perfect anniversary gift that is sure to bring the happy couple joy. From a newlywed couple’s first anniversary, to a fifty year wedding’s one, there are perfect gifts to be had for these, and all other anniversary moments in between. Our team works hard to find the most unique and thoughtful gifts for a variety of occasions, and anniversaries are no different. If you have run out of ideas, you have come to the right place. Take a look through our guides and we are sure you will get some inspiration. No matter what your budget is, we’ve got ideas for the best gift you could ever find.

 My Experience

Reed&Barton (1) Reed&Barton (2)

This Christmas, I ordered a photo frame for my baby girl from Reed&Barton. I think it will make a great gift for her now and later in her life. I look at the items I get from Reed&Barton as heirloom items. They are beautifully crafted and plated with silver for an amazing shine and finish that make any mantle shine just a little bit brighter. The personalized item is a heirloom because it is passed down from generation to generation as an homage . The engraving only helps to continue the memory for years to come. Photo frames are not the only products that are offered from the company… the site has a huge variety. They include flatware,crystal, serveware,jewelry boxes… just to name a few choices. I think that if you get a chance, you should give the Reed&Barton website a look-see !

Reed&Barton (6) Reed&Barton (7) Reed&Barton (4) gifts

These photos below show some of the items that are available on the website. YOU get to choose one of these lovely items to make your own if you enter and win our amazing Reed&Barton Giveaway … Good luck to all who enter !



33 Replies to “Gifts From The Heart Matter The Most!”

  1. I love clocks and the Abbey clock is so pretty. It’s the item I would choose.

  2. I love and would choose the 5 x 7″ Silverplate Frame.

  3. Rget’re all beautiful. I’d probably choose the Abbey photo album

  4. I would choose the Abbey Clock!

  5. I love the clock but I love the frames too…Gosh this is a hard question!

  6. i would love to have the Abbey Silverplate 2-Piece Set

  7. I like the ABBEY Silverplate Baby Cup!
    Item #4711

  8. 4 x 6″ Photo Album

  9. Abbey silver plated two piece cup set

  10. I would pick


    5 x 7″ Silverplate Frame

    Item #4757. Thank you!

  11. I think I would get the pretty Abbey Clock.

  12. I like the ABBEY 5 x 7″ Silverplate Frame

  13. I would choose the 4×6 Abbey Photo Album if I won.

  14. I adore the Abby picture frame. So pretty!

  15. These are super cute items. I love the frame.

  16. Wow they have really lovely items!

  17. They have such beautiful gifts! Love the frames 🙂

  18. Rebecca Bryant says: Reply

    Reed and Barton have the best gifts ever. I adore their stuff.

    1. They have some amazing stuff !

  19. What beautiful gifts. Perfect for those special moments in our life!

    1. Yes! My thoughts exactly !

  20. Such beautiful, classic pieces. I love the frame.

    1. It was hard for me to figure out what to choose !

  21. Censie 'Mumby' Sawyer says: Reply

    THe Abby picture frame.

  22. I would definitely choose the Abbey Clock! Sooo pretty! (:

  23. Trisha Kilpatrick says: Reply

    The bedphones just do not look comfortable. It is just too easy to leave the TV on or have a fan.

  24. Trisha Kilpatrick says: Reply

    I would choose the Abbey clock. It is so pretty.

  25. The Abbey Clock

    1. That’s a nice choice !

  26. would love to win the 5 x 7″ Silverplate Frame that is beautiful, but everything on the site is beautiful with silver 🙂

    1. It’s true ! I love everything on the site as well.I have plans on getting a few things throughout the year as gifts !

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