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There are so many different things about coupons what it can be quite hard to know them all. Moreover, some little, seem like insignificant things, are very easy to miss, and that might ruin your whole shopping too! So to help you out a little bit and let you know most important things, bellow you will find five must-known facts about coupons. And without any further ado – here they are!

  1. Coupons usually have the one usage
    So, one of the first things you should know about coupons is that often they can only be used for one time. Of course, this works for paper coupons because at the cash register it will be taken from you and you just won’t be able to reuse the old coupon ever again. This rule might vary online too. But since there are so many of coupons all the time, you won’t miss that one for sure.coupons1
  2. For shopping online – there are online coupons too
    Since I mentioned online coupons, I need to take some additional time and talk about it as a different thing you should keep in mind too. As simple paper coupons, online coupons are a great thing to use while shopping too. In my opinion, online coupons are even better than offline. With these, you can shop for absolutely everything a lot cheaper. For proof, check these coupons! These coupons are super great to book yourself a lot more affordable stay and a plane ticket for sure! So literally, with online coupons you can save on everything that is on sale online!
  3. Copying coupons are illegal
    Let’s talk more serious right now. I don’t know how much you are familiar with this, but I must remind you that copying coupons is considered illegal in the United States. To help you out understanding this rule, think of coupons as money. You can’t paint or draw money and try to exchange them for things. The same goes with coupons too. Since it is closely related to money, copying coupons in every possible way is illegal and can be even punished with the law too. So if you don’t want to get into trouble then stay away from any thoughts of making your coupons.
  4. Coupons always have to be free
    Another legal thing we need to talk about is that coupons should usually be free for you to use. That means that if one day you discover a bunch of coupons that requires you to pay for it, better reconsider if you want to get them. They might be a product of fraud, and you might pay for things you should get for free! And that would be just silly and unnecessary at all. So be caution and never pay for coupons!
  5. You can print online coupons
    The final thing you might not know yet, but totally should, is that you can easily print out online coupons and use it in the store. But take notice that usually you will be given to print only two coupons per device. So if you have a PC, laptop and tablet, you can get six free coupons to print and enjoy! Thus, don’t think that online coupons work only online – some coupons work everywhere!
    Did I miss something? Help me out! Share your thoughts and things that we can all miss while using coupons and let’s all be well-informed shoppers for sure!
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  1. I would like to thank you for the tips and pointers on power couponing. I like the results of not paying more than a fair share, so this subject makes sense to talk about so we can learn from each other. Thanks for sharing the information.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the article! I hope to post more articles about how to save money and stay on a budget all while shopping for things you both want and need. If you have any suggestions or topics you want to see covered, shoot me an email sometime!!

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