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Looking For Gains In That Booty? 5 Tips to Toning Your Glutes

5 Tips to Toning Your Glutes

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It’s an undeniable fact that super skinny bodies aren’t as fashionable as they used to be. Today, women want to be fit, shapely and uber feminine, with great curves and a perfect bottom to boot.  Unfortunately, it takes much more than a couple of squats to tone your glutes. You need to have an effective diet, a roster of localized exercises, and plenty of time and dedication.

So, what should you be doing in your quest for great glutes? A quick search on the Internet will give you tons of “amazing” tips and tricks that are apparently guaranteed to work. But if you think that they are too good to be true, you’re right! To get the real scoop on getting the perfect behind, here are 5 tips that will set you on the right path:

  1. Switch Up Your Diet

The best way to gain muscle is by making sure to eat enough high-quality protein every day. And this doesn’t mean that you should simply focus on increasing your meat intake! On the contrary; you should also include high-value proteins like eggs and fish. Plant-based protein options like powders that include whey, pea, or oats are another good option.

Ensure that your diet includes a variety of healthy fats too. That’s because fat is essential to increasing the size of your glutes. The best part is that, as long as you go for healthy fat options, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. This can include options like virgin olive or coconut oil, seeds, nuts, avocado and many more.

  1. Get the Right Workout

There are many different exercises available that target your glutes specifically. While most of them are more geared towards toning your bum, you can include more weights into your workout to increase its size. However, ensure that you add weights gradually in order to avoid getting injured.

Also, keep in mind that muscles need adequate rest in order to grow. Working out three times a week should be more than enough for you. Stretching is another key factor. Ensure that you stretch your muscles well both before and after each workout session. Not only will this keep you safe from injuries, but it will also help you keep your buns toned.

  1. Use the Right Creams

While this might sound like a bunch of snake oil, there actually are creams out there that can help you get the perfect behind. You just have to do your research to ensure that you’re getting the right ones. You want to go for a high-quality hips and bum cream that is made with natural ingredients like vegetable oils and phytoestrogens. However, it’s important to note that, for any cream to be effective, you must use it consistently according to the directions.

  1.  Improve your Posture

If you have a flatter behind, improving your posture is a great way to get it toned. Standing and sitting up straight is a great way for your muscles to perk up and get a passive workout at the same time. You might not see the effects of this change immediately, but you will notice a difference in your general muscle tone with time.

  1. Stay Motivated

The one thing many people won’t tell you is that getting toned takes a lot of time and patience. So it is imperative that you set goals and give yourself enough time to reach them. You should also find ways to stay motivated throughout the process, even when your drive is waning. A great way to do this is by documenting the process. Take lots of before-and-after photos from different angles and measure your glutes consistently. With enough time, you will definitely start seeing the fruits of your hard work.

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