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Resistance Bands – How Well Do They Work ?

Resistance Bands – Good Or No ? We Find out Today !

Health has always been important to me. But now in older age, I see myself focusing more on being healthy and fit . I try ,sometimes unsuccessfully , to get to the gym and workout. But ,the weights sometimes intimidate me and just stay home instead. I started looking into getting an at home gym , but that can get really expensive. Enter … DynaPro Direct. The company supplies resistance band products and the accessories that accompany them.

What Is A Resistance Band ?

resistance bands

“Resistance bands are bands that are made of thin but strong latex and have handles at the end. They come in a variety of resistances and you need to choose according to your fitness level.”

Per the Dyna Pro Direct website, the following could be advantages of using resistance bands –

  1. These effective fitness tools are designed for all ages and if you are a novice or an expert, you can adjust the bands according to the fitness levels. The resistance of the bands can be made more or slack accordingly including heavy, medium and light.
  2. Resistance bands can be used for the workout of your entire body as they target all the important muscles and make them stronger. = They are the best suited for dynapro athletics.
  3. They are the best alternatives to free weight and machine workouts. You can perform all your exercises with these bands that are similar to the strength training exercises like the biceps curls, push-ups, side raises and many more with our door anchor.
  4. You can use the resistance bands on your own and do not require any instructor or trainer.
  5. Resistance bands are extremely simple but are effective in building muscles and boosts flexibility, stamina and motion range.
  6. The most important advantage of resistance bands is their space- saving facility. Exercising at home in your own gym with these bands saves a lot of valuable time and energy of traveling.
  7. You can carry them with you even when you are traveling. They are so conveniently structured and well made that you can exercise even on the roads with them.

I was given a 25-30 lb resistance band, and I like mine a lot. I get some good blood pumping going on and I can feel a real burn (a good burn) when I do upper body exercises.They even have a great list of workouts you can do on the DynaPro site that helps.  I wish that I had been given an anchor so that I could get the most use out of it, but I will splurge to get one ,I think.

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