6 eco-conscious (and tasty) foods and drinks

6 eco-conscious (and tasty) foods and drinks

Are you living Earth Friendly? I try to make a conscious effort to do it. I’m no where near the perfect Green Liver, but I do find some pretty awesome tips here and there to help me along. Author Jenna Blumenfeld offers 6 foods and drinks we can consume that are both eco-conscious and tasty!

Support businesses committed to climate mitigation with these conscious (and tasty!) foods and beverages.

Alter Eco Dark Mint Truffles

Savor these decadent orbs, made with a minty interior enrobed in USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified cacao. Alter Eco is also a sustainability superstar. The company founder started Pur Projet, now a network of more than 50 organizations that “inset” carbon by planting native trees (now over 2 million) near farming communities. Alter Eco also pioneered fully compostable truffle wrappers with packaging manufacturer NatureFlex.

​GrandyOats Super Hemp Blend Coconola

This Maine-based granola company has the first net-zero food production facility in the country. It’s powered by 288 solar panels located in a field next to the building, offsetting more than 145,000 pounds of greenhouse gases each year. The grain-free product is darn delicious, too. Made with USDA Organic ingredients, such as coconut, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, maple syrup and almonds. anydesk crack autodesk revit crack auto ftp manager crack
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Epic Salmon Fillet Smoked Maple Strip

6 Eco-conscious (and tasty) Foods And Drinks !

This 100-calorie snack strip is made with salmon wild caught in the excellently managed Bristol Bay region of Alaska. It is simply seasoned with maple sugar, organic extra-virgin coconut oil, sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder and dill. Since its inception, Epic has been a champion of meat consumption as a means to carbon sequestration, particularly as it relates to reviving grasslands via holistic land management.

Blue Evolution Rotini

Just two simple ingredients make up this verdant pasta: durum wheat grown in Montana and seaweed. Blue Evolution aims to get more consumers eating seaweed to pull carbon from the ocean, one of the main components of ocean acidification. The company pledges to have its seaweed farms running on 100 percent renewable energy by 2020. Blue Evolution hopes to provide more highly skilled jobs in coastal towns as it expands.

Lotus Foods Organic Dehraduni Brown Basmati Rice

6 Eco-conscious (and tasty) Foods And Drinks !

Grown with a method of farming called “More Crop Per Drop” (which Oxfam refers to as System of Rice Intensification). This heritage rice varietal allows farmers to increase yields without the need for hybridized seeds, agrochemicals and wasted water. Lotus Foods’ sustainable farming practices are up to 65 percent more efficient in reducing methane gas from rice paddies than traditional methods.

Nature’s Path Organic Sunrise Breakfast Blueberry & Chia Biscuits

6 Eco-conscious (and tasty) Foods And Drinks !

Each two-biscuit serving delivers 20 grams of whole grains, derived from rolled oats, chia seeds and an ancient-grain blend. The blend includes Kamut Khorasan wheat, quinoa and amaranth. In 2014 and 2015, Nature’s Path diverted 92 percent of manufacturing waste from landfills, and purchased renewable energy credits. To date, has donated $3 million to wildlife preservation organizations.

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