Allow Me To Introduce Myself …

My name … is Tricia. I was born Patsy, in fact. I use my nickname of Tricia and have used this name since I first entered my 30’s. I am the owner,manager,and writer for this blog that is known as . I like long walks on the beach and moonlit nights and…er, wait. WHAT am I doing?!


I have been couponing,entering giveaways and blogging/product reviewing for and about well-known companies for a long while now. 2 and a half years to be exact. I never would have thought that I would have become a blogger/writer in my later years. Maybe my English teacher really was on to something in high school.I love my blog and love being able to help people and make a little bit easier for them money wise. My belief is that in this day and economy,every one could use saving a couple of dollars. My website has grown accordingly over time and I am proud of every one of my readers (That’s YOU) ! For next year,I plan on splitting/expanding Tricias-List into two separate but sister entities … one site for company reviews and giveaways only, and another site for couponing and freebies. I feel that it has become a necessary change that can only benefit all parties involved. I also plan on totally revamping the site and truly making it mine by getting one a of a kind theme for both sites and by doing other things that will make our site a household name,and I need you help as Tricias-List readers to do it. Stay tuned for the upgrades and please be patient with me if any web troubles start to arise.I also would LOVE to read any comments or suggestions that you may have concerning the website operation,newsletters and/or theme(s) you may want to see. Thank you for reading and thank you for being a Tricias-Lister !


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