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Allow Me To RE- Introduce Myself …

Allow Me To RE-Introduce Myself (updated 05-31-2022)

Re-Introduce…make (someone) known by name to another in person again, especially formally.
“I want to re-introduce you Tricia… so you can get to know her better”.

  1. My name … is Tricia. While I was born a different name, I’ve used my nickname of Tricia since I first entered my 30’s. I am the owner,manager,and writer for this blog that is known as “Tricias-List” . I like long walks on the beach and moonlit nights and…er, wait. WHAT am I doing?!😆😆

 How it started

I never would have thought that I would have become a blogger/writer in my later years. Maybe my English teacher really was on to something in high school. I love my blog and being able to help people by making it a little bit easier to keep some extra cash in their pocket.

My belief is that in this day and economy,every one could use saving or earning a couple of dollars. I give you excellent sites that can help you put $$ in your pocket, as well fantastic sites that GIVE YOU free stuff. I also scour the internet to find coupons and deals that help you shop for what you want but not pay retail price.

Our blog has grown steadily over time and I am proud to say that it’s because of every one of my readers (That’s YOU) ! Thank you and keep checking in on the blog. You are APPRECIATED!

How It’s Going

I plan on totally rebranding the site and truly making it OURS (yours & mine) by getting one a of a kind theme and by doing other things that will make our site a household name,and I need your help as Tricias-List readers to do it.

Stay tuned for the upgrades and please be patient with me if any web troubles start to arise.I also would LOVE to read any comments or suggestions that you may have concerning Tricias-List. Including places, company, products you may want to see or know more about. Thank you for reading and thank you for being a Tricias-Lister !


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