Beauty Blog : 5 Benefits To Whitening Your Teeth

Beauty Blog : 5 Benefits To Whitening Your Teeth

Beauty is seen everywhere. Your smile is one of your greatest assets. Whenever you smile you fire a bunch of neurotransmitters that make you feel good and happy. So yes, flashing your pearly whites is every bit stress relieving and is good for your brain. But what if you’re not so confident about your teeth? Well, you don’t always have to show off your teeth when smiling, but it does pay to have clean and white teeth when you’re about a flash a big one. Here are 5 benefits you should know to whitening your teeth and why you should consider it:


  1. It improves your overall appearance

In this day and age where people care a lot about their appearance, every detail counts. Flashing a big smile with your pearly whites makes for a good first impression. The damage our teeth take whenever we drink dark beverages like coffee, soda, or tea can build up over time and stain our teeth for life. Yellowing or browning teeth doesn’t do good for your overall appearance. You would look like you’re not taking care of your oral health properly, and there’s a dullness in your smile that can be attributed to teeth discoloration. Having your teeth whitened is like rewarding yourself with jewelry that sparkles everytime you smile. See, you didn’t even have to wear something expensive!


  1. It’s affordable

Teeth whitening procedures are generally inexpensive. There are several types of them, and you can choose based on your budget and the level of results you want to achieve.  You can try bleaching strips or mouthwash with a whitening effect, they both work to lighten your teeth but the results may not be permanent. These whitening or bleaching agents can be found readily available in drugstores for $5 to $50.  Laser teeth whitening is also available in dental clinics. It usually ranges from $300 to $1000 depending on the patient’s need. Laser procedures usually require multiple sessions but it guarantees immediate and long lasting results. Just remember to choose the doctor and clinic wisely!


  1. It makes you feel more confident

Confidence is very important wherever you go. The effects of whiter teeth in your photos will be uplifting and will boost your self esteem. A lot of people attribute their self confidence to their physical appearance, and this includes having clean and healthy teeth. But remember that being confident isn’t all about looking good, you must also invest not just in your personal appearance but in your attitude too. A positive attitude towards life brings a different kind of optimism that attracts people.


  1. It makes you look younger

Smiling often draws the attention of people away from your wrinkles an on to your teeth, which is probably why many people forget someone’s age the moment they smile. Also, smiling helps reduce the formation of fine lines around your mouth, which aids in looking younger.


  1. It encourages you to smile more

Everytime you smile, you brain releases endorphins and serotonin that greatly affects your mood. These hormones are natural painkillers and antidepressants. They effectively help your body fight symptoms of illnesses. In essence, smiling and flaunting your pearly whites make you feel happier and stress free.

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