Buying A New Car ? Tips To Use When Purchasing A New Vehicle

Buying A New Car ? Tips To Use When Purchasing A New Vehicle


So, you’re buying a new car? AWESOME! I know that buying a new vehicle is an exciting time for most people in life. Heck, I’m 44 years old and I get excited each time I get a new one. I’ve had 5 cars in my lifetime and still own 2 own of them,lol.  While purchasing a new vehicle is the fun part, one should always try to go into the car deal game with knowledge on their side.  I have a few tips that may help in the process.

  The More You Know

Certain things in life require researching. One of those things is buying a car. You could go to a dealership and put your entire trust in the salesman. I mean … there are some very honest men and women out there in the sales world. BUT… I wouldn’t suggest it. I would suggest that you try to know as much as you know concerning the vehicle you want. As G.I Joe would say, “Now you know and knowing is half the battle”.

 Know Your Car

Don’t just have an idea of what car you want….. learn about your car. I suggest trying to get quotes about your choice vehicle to see the following things:

  •  Gas mileage (MPG) – this matters because… you wants to have a nice-looking ride that has a gas tank that is always on empty? Ensure that your vehicles MPG both on the highway and in the city are decent. From my research, hybrid and Prius are great choices for this.
  • Maintenance Costs – This is a BIG ONE! Always make sure that you can afford not only the price of the car you’re buying, but the cost it will take to maintain your vehicle. That means know how much money it’s going to take to get your car new tires, oil changes, air filters, winterizing, flushes. mileage checkups. You know, a vehicle isn’t just something you buy and put gas and oil in… it’s just like a human body. You have to feed it properly so it doesn’t break down on you. The better you take of the car, the better and longer it will stay in working order, and the more you’ll love it. Trust me on this one. Don’t be one of those people who spends a TON of money on a fancy automobile and then drives around with it sounding rickety and smoking or ends up leaving their BMW on the side of the road for life (I’ve seen both) !
  • The Actual Car Cost– Yes, you should really know how much the car you want really costs in your area. I have seen some people buy for a vehicle, only to learn later that they paid way more than they more than they should have, and now they are stuck overpaying for something.
  • Interest Rates – If you’re not buying flat out cash and are getting a loan, PLEASE….  know what your interest rate will be. I have a friend who has a car interest rate 21%!! That is crazy talk, people! If you can, get a loan through your own bank and try to skip the car dealership; they can really zing you sometimes.

Where to Find Info

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There are a lot of places that you can use to find and research your dream car. One of the places I recommend is  The site can help you find old and new cars that you may be wanting to buy. And, the site is easy to navigate… which is a plus! The site also has areas for you find out information for car service and repair; I think that is a good thing as well.

One more thing you should try doing before you whip out your black or blue ink pen to sign your car purchase deal… check out reviews on the car you want. You know how I’ve said research is key? Reviews from other car owners can be a great source of information when it comes to knowing which car is really right for you. has a spot for that,too. but I do suggest using more than one source when it comes to reading car reviews.

I hope that my tips are helpful for you in your car buying journey. These are things that I’ve learned over years through trial and error and through watching it happen to others close to me. Good luck in getting your new car and happy and SAFE traveling!!!

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