I Went Searching For A Desk Chair And This Is The One I Finally Found

Looking For A New Desk Chair? I Got You, Baby!

Desk Chair ? I needed a new one. The old “desk chair” I had wasn’t even for the desk at all; it was an old dining room table chair. Anyone else in that predicament… No… Just me,huh? Well, in any case, I needed to get one. For the past couple of months, I have been planning on making the spare bedroom into an office. Being an owner of 2 online businesses on top of being a full time blogger, it was time to separate home life from work. Plus (Small Business Tip): if you are working out of home as business and you have a REAL office, you can use that office towards business expenses. I’ll write an article on that at a later date if you any of you want to know about it.

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So, me shopping/searching for office decor and furniture. I wanted to of course, 1st get a desk and a chair. I found my office desk on Amazon and it was just right for me and my budget. Then, I went online to find the perfect desk chair for myself. Turns out, the best chair for me was from Costoffs. Why was it the best, you ask? Because of these things here:  acunetix crack autocad crack cytomic the glue crack anytrans crack

  • Has great support for my back
  • Looks rich & luxurious
  • Padded back and seat
  • Gas lift chair
  • It’s PINK!!

Okay, the main reason why I love this Costoffs desk chair is because it’s pink. Call shallow, I don’t care… I love all things pink! But really… the chair feels good to sit in and it does help me with my posture, which has been suffering tremendously over the years.

Features Of The Pink Chair From Costoffs

Modern Office Desk Chair Pink-Costoffs 

  • Height adjustable: This gas lift office chair is built with a gaslift cylinder to ensure your safety at every height. You can use the control bar beneath the seat to easily lift it up to 103cm/40.6inch or push it down to 88.5cm/35inch.
  • Smooth 360° swivel: The 360-degree rotation seat provides extra convenience when you move from one task to another. This revolving computer chair stands on 5 noise-canceling casters, all made of high-quality plastic and rubber and capable of multidirectional running.
  • Comfortable seat & backrest: The seat and backrest are integrated, and made from solid shaped sponge and high-quality PU leather with good stitching. The chair is supported by metal legs on five wheels. All these are designed to improve your seating comfort.
  • Special base pattern: This heavy-duty office chair applies an industrial-strength base mainly consisting of 5 conjoined steel bars. Each bar runs in a curved line to cushion the seating force to protect your floor from abrupt damage and meanwhile to extend the life span of the chair.
  • Magic armrest design: You can turn this multipurpose office chair into a bar stool style office chair. The armrest is movable, just leave the armrests when you assemble the whole piece.

My Point Of View

I’ve had my new chair for a couple of weeks,now. And honestly, I really love it. as stated earlier in this article, the back support is really good for me. It makes me sit up straight and not slouch but it also cradles me due to it’s chair padding. The fact that this chair has a very rich leather look to it just adds to its appeal for me. It’s one of the finishing touches to my office and it makes me feel professional, yet still “girly”, you know? If you’re in the market for a new desk chair for your office, I highly recommend visiting Costoffs; they may have just what you’re looking for!

As always, thank YOU for your continued support of my blog… I truly appreciate you all!

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