How I Save Money And Get What I Want (hint… it’s Ebay)

Ebay Is My Shopping Hero

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Hello my lovely people! I hope your Christmas holiday was great. Mine was amazing! It was peaceful; I spent time with my kids and absolutely enjoyed the day. Now that the Christmas holiday season is just about over and January 2021 is right around the corner, I wanna share some shopping tips. Like how I get some of the high end products that I want and also keep money in my pocket at the same time. Big hint … it’s eBay and SlickDeals, my go to resource for saving money

For those of you who don’t know about eBay, it’s been around since… forever. I remember maybe like 15 years ago or so, I was using ebay religiously. I bought everything from that site and I have acquired some amazing products and beautiful art work as well… for CHEAP! I want you to hit this link right here and go visit the Slick Deals eBay coupon page and see what it’s about & grab some money saving coupons. Then I’m gonna give you a brief description about it down below.

What/Who Is Ebay?


Okay… Now What?

So now that you get the gist about what eBay, is go over and take a look at it here (if you didn’t do it in the previous paragraph). I actually have a couple of friends who have eBay stores listed. My friend Nancy has a wonderful make up store that many of you would probably absolutely love. She’s got amazing make up products (high quality, real name brand make up products) and she has them listed for really affordable prices. You should go check her store out.

Great Deals On Artwork

Also one of my favorite things to do is decorate my house with artwork. In the past as well as presently sometimes, I use eBay as a way to get replicas of a beautiful oil prints for cheap. And when I say they’re cheap… oh man, they are super cheap! I’ve gotten some beautiful artwork for pennies on the dollar and all I had to do is pay like $8 shipping. Now, they don’t always come from the US, but the artwork is amazing the quality is superior. Just be sure to check the size dimensions.

Wait… Did Someone Say Giveaway?

So, I’ve given you a couple of examples of what you can get on ebay. But just those 2 examples are nothing compared to everything that eBay has. Ebay is like Amazon before Amazon came. So go over, take a look at it and tell me what you think . Leave some comments down below and maybe I’ll have a give away for some ebay credit. But you have to participate & leave your comments below. Thank you for reading I hope this post was an enjoyable read. Talk to you again soon…. 💋

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