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Expo East – One Natural Products Event You Shouldn’t Miss!

Expo East – One Natural Products Event You Shouldn’t Miss!

I recently attended one very awesome expo. I’ve been to many expos before this particular one, but this one just impressed me. The expo I’m speaking of is Natural Products Expo East. It was held in Baltimore,MD … aka “Charm City”, and it’s chockfull of wonderful companies and vendors set out to introduce to their natural products.  I say “natural” products, but really, it’s beyond natural products. There’s probably something for everyone here at Expo East. Organic lover? They’ve got it. Vegan & Non GMO? It’s definitely here. Kosher, Gluten Free, or Paleo? Yes, absolutely. I would say that Expo East could possibly one of the dream places for the person who lives, eats, and exercises healthy.

The expo isn’t limited to just one theme; they cover all the bases of your healthy lifestyle. There’s beauty, body/health, food, clothing, product packaging….  I’m telling you, there’s just about everything in this 3-4 day event. With it being my first time attending Expo East, I have to admit that I was overwhelmed by it all. But at the same time, I completely enjoyed myself. If you ever go to Expo East, you’ll experience what trying to say. There’s 4 levels of health surrounding you and you want to take in all of the knowledge of everything, but it’s so hard because everything looks so good to you,lol! So many great products and companies, and I only really knew of a few. But now I know more!

Who’s Attending & Vending?

There’s a HUGE list of companies that were at Expo East and to list them all would be crazy for me to do. So, I’m going to list a few of the reps that I met and then I’ll provide the link to all of the wonderful companies that were there. Here we go! I met with the following:

  •  Kole Tonics
  • Hilary’s
  • Tickle Water
  • Pura Botanica
  • Our Little Rebellion (formerly PopCorners)
  • Bitsy’s BrainFood
  • Artic Zero
  • Milkman
  • Got Meals
  • Burrito Kitchens
  • Cave Shake
  • Kite Hill
  • Nu Pasta
  • No Brew
  • Illy Coffee

… plus so many more! I tell you, HUNDREDS of companies were there. Check out some of the product photos I took while at Expo East:

 expo east 2016 keep healthy bar 088 mochi whisps crisps 097 101 kite hill 105 106 109 112 got meals burrito kitchens bitsy's brainfood Alexis arctic zero arctic zero 128 expo east our little rebellion expo east 2016 jackfruit company

image image image image image image image image

Here’s a full list of vendors/companies who attended Expo East 2016!

Even though I’m in need of a looooong rest to recoup, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m sure you would enjoy your excursion if you chose to attend next years event. With the list of companies there to provide you with a plethora of new items that are delicious, earth friendly, and just down right better choices for our environment, you’re bound to find more than a handful of wonderful new items to bring into your life… I know I did! Expo East 2017 takes place in Baltimore,MD from September 13-16 … will I see you there? I hope so!!


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