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THIS Is Your Valentine’s Day Call

Be Different This Valentine’s Day

Y’all better get you some of these!

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Valentine’s Day. Also known as “All Hearts Day”, Lovers Day, or the Feast Of San Valentine. Anyway you want to call it, the day is coming up soon. And, as we all know, It’s gonna be scramble time.

Same, Same

“Everybody” going to be getting the same boring Valentine’s routine: boxed (or bagged) chocolates and flowers. Yeah, you know the ones. Those that you hunted down from the floral shop at the grocery store 1 hour before heading to meet your S/O. The wilted, lifeless ones. For shame! How about you change things up & get them something… immortal?

A Gift That Lasts Forever

Immortal, or “Forever Flowers“, are just that. They are beautifully preserved roses and flowers that look and feel real … because they are. And they last forever. You can give this bouquet to your loved one or special person and they will have it to cherish for years. And they don’t really cost that much. You can go here and get a bouquet for less than $35!

I love these type of flowers so much that I bought this bouquet for my mother. She loves flowers and I know that she will absolutely love this bouquet. So you see, this isn’t just for your lover or someone you like. You can also get it for somebody that you love, like your mom, daughter, grandmom…  anybody really. Switch up Valentine’s Day this year… be different.

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