Friendsgiving 2019!

Friendsgiving. A Night For Fun, Friends, & Family.

friendsgiving 2019

Last night, I hosted Friendsgiving. It was my 1st time a hosting it but, I think it came out really well. My event wasn’t swanky and it wasn’t super extravagant or anything. But I had some of my closest old friends and a few new friends there and we had a great time.

What Is Friendsgiving?

Some of you may be asking, “what is Friendsgiving ?”. Well, I personally just found out about it this year and while I was researching the event, I figured it sounded good and fun, so I decided to do it. A brief description… Friendsgiving was started in 2007, and it’s a gathering of friends that is celebrated before,on, or near the Thanksgiving holiday. I look at it as a way to get your close friends together for the beginning of the holiday season. You know, to let them know that you haven’t forgotten them once the busy season starts.

Good Times, Good Food, Great Friends

My Friendsgiving event turned out pretty well. It was supposed to start at 6 o’clock in the evening, but my friends almost always come in late so they arrived at around 7. Which is fine because it gave me extra time to pay watch to my Patriots game (which we won… sorry Cowboys fans).

The get together was set up to be a potluck dinner. Tthankfully everyone participated and it turned out awesome! I had about 10 people show up and everyone brought a wonderful dish to share. I made a cheesecake bites and chicken fettuccine. My new friends met my old friends, and we were all able to catch up on the events

My Friendsgiving

I really enjoyed the friendsgiving event. It’s just a great way for your friends to get together gather and just make up for time lost. Plus, it can take the Thanksgiving tradition of being appreciative of people in your life and help to spread it instead of having it just localized to your immediate family. That way you’re letting your friends know that they are being thought of. And that even if you can’t do something with them during the actual Thanksgiving Day… you have your own day to give thanks for friends.

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