Garden Day! How I Tend To My Plantbabies

  1. Why I Love To Garden

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Do you know what today is? It’s garden day! At least for me it is. We’ve had days of nonstop rain here in Severna Park, so I want to check up on my plants. I took them out of the greenhouses so they could soak up some good rain water.


Gardening is an absolute love for me now.I get to grow my own food and that in turn, gives me peace of mind. Knowing where my food comes from and being certain that there are no extra chemicals or pesticides going in my body is a great feeling.

Not to mention, fresh foods taste so much better to me. And, my kids are learning how to grow food and make better choices. We are even learning to recognize what is edible out in nature.  Did you know that you can eat the wild strawberries that grow in your backyard? They dont have sweetness to them, but they are edible. And you probably have greens in your yard that you think are weeds.

Sometimes, I like to go out of state to nurseries like NJ Flower Delivery  to see what flowers and other beautiful plants I can find to bring home and incorporate with my own plant babies. It’s a fun exciting time to discover all the new exotics!

One of these days, I hope to have 5 or 6 acres of land. Build my forever home there, and have a huge plot of land for veggies as well as have a huge glass greenhouse. Oh, I want a big storage unit so I can store dry goods for later use. But for now, I’ll stick to this:

How I Tend To My Plants

Everyone has their own way of taking care of their plants. I prefer to mostly grow my plants from seeds of organically grown plants. In other words, when I harvest from the years plants, I take seeds out of my tomatoes, cucumber, or whatever plants I have. And then, I save them to plant for next year. I know where my seeds originated from and I know that they are hearty and good. However, If there is a plant I don’t have seeds from, I try to purchase them through Amazon in the certified organic section, or I buy plants in bulk from a place like Lowe’s or Home Depot. But, I do prefer to grow my own from seed to table. It’s just more a nurture thing for me.

I also help protect my plants from the weather in the cooler months by keeping them in my greenhouse. A greenhouse is a great investment if you plan on harvesting your plants year round. It keeps your plants warm from the cold and really helps to keep the critters and bugs from eating them. *Note* Plants still like to have fresh air and sun outside of the greenhouse, so try to expose them to extra rays when you can!

What About You?

So… what about you? Do you garden? Even if it’s your flowers, just a few herbs or “just tomatoes”… it’s still gardening.  And I’d love to see what you grow! Leave some photos in the comments below and share your favorite plant babies!


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