House Not Feeling “Comfy” Enough? Here’s 5 Tips To Make It Better

5 Ways to Make Your Home a Cozier Place

Home is an oasis… a place we pine for after a long day at work or school. Home should be the place you feel most comfortable in order to rest, recharge, and refresh. We recommend these five ways to make your home a cozier place.

Clear the Air

Viruses, mold, bacteria, and allergens are not cozy. These unwanted guests arrive with humid air, but fortunately, you can evict and prevent them with a quality dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers don’t add to your energy costs and can actually save money because you can set the thermostat a little higher. Higher thermostat settings mean less stress on your HVAC system and more comfortable sleeping temperatures. Be sure to have a professional install your dehumidifier for maximum results.

Surround Yourself With Zen

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Soft throws, fluffy pillows, neutral colors, plush rugs, and softly-scented candles relax all the senses and evoke cozy feelings. Surround yourself with these items and a few of your favorite photographs and trinkets. Be sure to add inviting pieces outside your home, such as a charming wreath on your door or potted flowers near the front step. A cozy entryway sets the stage for the comforts inside. Adding comfort items is a simple, inexpensive fix — if your budget allows, purchase couches and chairs that are soft to both the eye and touch, and accent them with bold pillows. Feeling more adventuresome? Create a cozy nook in your living room or bedroom.

Get a Hobby

If you love to cook, use your talent to add the cozy, inviting fragrance of freshly-cooked meals to your home. Gardeners can enjoy their fresh-cut flowers indoors, while music aficionados can fill the air with relaxing sounds. A collection of beloved books and well-placed tomes throughout the house satisfies every bibliophile. Even if you don’t have a hobby, a few tastefully-arranged magazines can offer a cozy feeling as well as inspiration.

Do Your Chores

Doing housework might not seem cozy, but eliminating clutter — even if it’s picking up after yourself each day — creates a neat environment conducive to calm. Don’t forget that bed, either… making your bed each morning makes you feel productive and therefore happier.

Light It Up Right

Light in your home isn’t limited to lamps and other fixtures. Indeed, you should place lighting where it’s needed most, such as near reading areas or over kitchen workspaces, but the best home lighting comes through the windows. Open blinds and curtains to let the sun in, and open windows in warmer weather to enjoy the added benefit of fresh air throughout your home. Consider candles and fireplaces after dark or in colder weather. Of course, lights from electronics such as televisions, phones, and tablets have no place in the bedroom and can disrupt your sleep.

Creating a cozy environment in your home can be as simple or as extensive as you wish. Either way, you can easily create a relaxing room to enjoy by yourself or a welcoming space throughout your home in which to entertain friends and family.

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