Knitting Tips: How Long Should It Take To Learn To Knit?

Knitting Tips: How Long Should It Take To Learn To Knit?

For the longest time, I have wanted to learn how to knit. But I’ve not tried to yet. Thanks to this #SponsoredPost, I may have the motivation to do it now.

Want to learn to knit but don’t think you have the patience? It actually isn’t that difficult a hobby to get started in, as long as you don’t expect to put a complicated sweater together with your first lesson. So, you have a supply of knitting wool, a pair of knitting needles, how long before you can knit something? 

It’s not that easy a question to answer, as it partially depends on how you are learning to knit. If you are sitting there with someone who can personally guide you through every motion, you should be able to start doing basic stitches in less than an hour. On the other hand, if you are trying to figure things out from a poorly written tutorial, you may never get it.  

On average, you should be able to learn how to knit (at least the main garter stitch and possibly the purl stitch too), in a few days as long as you are willing to practice. The key is finding a good method for learning.  

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image courtesy of MNN (Mother Nature Network)Do you know someone who already knits? That can be the best way to learn, providing they have some patience to deal with your initial difficulties. Ask around your family or circle of friends and see if anyone who is a decent knitter is available to teach you the basics. Even ask around at the local craft store and see if anyone is interesting in helping you learn.  

Written Tutorials

This can be a little easier to work with if you don’t want to worry about in-person lessons. There are many great books or websites out there that can teach knitting to beginners in just a few steps. Ideally, look for instructions with lots of clear photos rather than just written steps. Being able to see how you hold your fingers and where you are supposed to be putting your needle points is vital to understanding the process.  

Video Tutorials 

It may be more convenient to sit on the couch with a book to learn how to knit, but a good video tutorial is going show you the right moves in an easier-to-follow format. You will have to have a screen handy (computer, tablet or even a phone) along with Internet service. There are videos for every possible aspect of knitting on sites like Youtube, which can get you knitting no time.  

Being able to watch the motions, as well as pausing and re-playing when necessary makes this one of the best ways to learn how to knit at your own pace. Find a channel that has nice, bright lighting, appropriate close-ups and a narrator that is easy to understand as he or she explains the steps. Don’t be afraid to try a few different ones to find a style that works for you.  

So with a little effort and time for practice, you should be able to start on a simple scarf in just a few lessons. Overall, give yourself a few weeks or even up to a month (at the most) to learn how to knit.  

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