Green Living – 4 Natural Gift Wrap Ideas! #OneWithNature #GoGreen

Green Living – 4 Natural Gift Wrap Ideas! #OneWithNature  #GoGreen

This is a repost of a green living article from DeliciousLiving. As a person who continuously tries to do right by Mother Earth, I’m making a habit of sharing ways to live in more sustainable and green household. I hope this post finds you well! Note: This article may contain affiliate links in which Tricias-List will be compensated for if a sale is made.

Beautiful gifts deserve green gift wraps. Use these four environmentally friendly ideas as inspiration for the season of giving.

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  1. Ditch the plastic ribbons that go directly into the landfill and instead garnish your gift with natural materials, such as pinecones, flowers, pine sprigs or even bow-tie pasta for a whimsical touch. Attach these items to a box, bag or container with natural twine rather than plastic tape.
  2. Have a foodie on your list? Place small cooking items—oven mitts, timers, measuring spoons and more—inside a sturdy soup pot, and the packaging becomes a part of the gift. For camping enthusiasts, lightweight nesting pots can swap in for the soup pot; fill with outdoor-specific items like a whistle, waterproof matches and instant coffee.
  3. Stuff heirloom seed packets, gardening gloves, sunglasses and a trowel into a terra-cotta pot, and gift it to the person on your list with a green thumb. These ubiquitous rust-hued pots are typically inexpensive—usually less than $5—and they’re made out of clay, a renewable resource.
  4. Beautiful, patterned scarves make exceptional zero-waste gift wrap. But buyer beware: Not all scarves are created equal. Some scarves are made with cotton—largely considered a “dirty” crop, because it’s grown using vast quantities of herbicides and pesticides. Purchase scarves made with organic cotton instead, which is grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals.

What are your favorite natural gift wrap ideas? Answer in the comments below.

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