Looking For A Gift For That Special Someone? GiftBasketsPlus !

Looking For A Gift For That Special Someone? GiftBasketsPlus !

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The Movie Fanatic Gift Basket  You’ll find old-time movie going goodness in the Movie Madness gift basket. There’s movie theatre popcorn, cookies, Cracker Jacks, peanuts, and candy plus Classic Root Beer in this popcorn gift box.

Gift Includes: Popcorn Gift Box, 2 Movie Theatre Microwave Popcorn, Movie Trivia Fortune Cookies, Cracker Jacks, Frito Lay In the Shell Peanuts, Chips A Hoy Cookies, Twizzlers Red Licorice, Peanut M & M’s, 2 Classic Root Beers

Available with a one month no commitment NetFlix Movie Rental membership or a $10.00 Redbox gift card. They may watch instantly on their PC or rent DVD’s one at a time.

I was fortunate enough to have give me the opportunity to choose a gift basket that suited my lifestyle, which includes the title of Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon movie marathon binger. I ended up choosing the basket you see listed above, the “Movie Fanatic Gift Basket”. This basket is $39.99 and there are other movie lover themed gift baskets that start at a lower price and go up to $64.99, all stuffed with yummy popcorn and candy snacks to tide you through movie night! The baskets even come with an option to add a $10 Netflix or Redbox card, so you’ll be able to catch on a movie you really want to see.

Not Just Movie Baskets

GiftBasketsPlus doesn’t just offer up great movie themed baskets; They have a variety of gift choices. From Valentine’s & Holiday themes to Men, Women, & Children themes, you name it, they’ve got it.  You can even get super fancy corporate gift baskets when you want to impress the CEO of your company!  Check out some of the examples below! Oh yeah… prices for these amazing gifts start as low as $13.75!!

Superior Sparkling Gourmet Gift Basket  Roses are Red, Violets are Blue Cookie Bouquet Gentleman's Cigar Chest Gift Basket

What Do I Think Of GiftBasketsPlus ?

So guys, I received my basket over the weekend,and let me say this… I LOVE IT! The mister and I had a great time sharing the goodies while watching “The Jungle Book” (2016 version). And, we had a touch of nostalgia come over us with looking through the basket and seeing some of the snacks we had in the basket. Want to see what we got? Check it out below!

image image image image image image image image image image image

I really enjoyed my movie mania themed basket from GiftBasketsPlus. It was full of snacks that I loved, and it was just a really fun treat to share while watching a movie. The basket comes packed securely so that nothing will shake around or out of the basket, and the items in the baskets are arranged in a delightful display so that you can see mostly all of the treats in it. I would definitely recommend giving this as a gift to anyone, even if it is to yourself (heck, I send gifts to myself all the time)!

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