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LOVE My Gurin Rechargeable Water Flosser !

LOVE My Gurin Rechargeable Water Flosser !115

Teeth. Mostly all of us have them, and the ones we have… we take care of. I mean… it’s the daily grind/routine. Brush. Floss. Rinse.

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Well… it’s supposed to be that way. I know that as much as I LOVE to have nice, white teeth and healthy looking gums, I skip days. I know. Gross, right? And sometimes, I even forget to floss. Then, that 6 month dental appointment comes up, and I start worrying about what my dentist is going to think or say about my teeth and gums, and I start trying to make up for lost time and effort. But the dentist knows. He always knows. Because your teeth, gums, and breath betray you … those buttheads!! Then you’re subjected to poking, prodding, and those deep cleanings that leave your mouth nice and clean but also cause pain for a day or so after because of the extent to which the cleaning had to go. OUCH! How do you avoid that kind of stuff? First off… brush your teeth correctly. Secondly,and even important if you ask me… FLOSS WELL.  How can you get a really good floss? Use an irrigator/water flosser like the Gurin water flosser.

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Oral irrigators are wonderful and do amazing things for mouth and gum health. Combine oral irrigator usage with the proper use of an electric toothbrush, and you’re sure to have some of the best dental visits ever! That’s just my opinion, but I know that I see and feel better results when I use these two products instead of manually flossing and brushing.

If you’re interested, you can get an electric toothbrush with 10 (TEN) replacement heads for only $45! I had the wonderful chance to review a new oral irrigator form the Gurin company, and I love it! Not only is it easy to use, it works superbly at getting food particles and/or what ever else may be lurking in between the crevices of your beautiful teeth. Oh yes, did I mention that it only costs $34 to purchase and you can get extra replacement irrigator tips so the entire family can have healthier teeth and gums? Think of it, $34 to help ensure that your dental appointments will be less painful for your mouth and your wallet! Pretty sound investment, I say!

Gurin Professional Rechargeable Water Flosser with High Capacity Water Tank - 2015 Version

Gurin Waterflosser Company Description

  • New version includes: High Quality Rechargeable Batteries, an easy to fill water tank, quiet motor and a tip release button.
  • BPA Free and FDA Approved. Extra large reservoir is removable and easy to refill
  • Three operating modes for varying oral care needs: Normal Soft and Pulse. Two color coded and interchangeable tips are included for multiple users.
  • Rotating interchangeable nozzles great for multiple users, Universal Voltage, 100 to 240V~50/60Hz:
  • Provides and easy and effective way to support proper teeth and gum health at home

Lightweight and rechargeable, the Professional Oral Irrigator by Gurin Products provides and easy and effective way to support proper teeth and gum health at home. Our Oral Irrigator now comes with Rechargeable Nicd batteries, This gives you much more power and battery life.

Daily irrigation helps reach places brushing simply can not, promoting cleaner teeth and healthier gums. The result, an incredibly clean, fresh happy mouth.

Irrigating is easier and less abrasive than string floss.

This irrigator is a powerful water jet which helps remove debris deep between teeth and reduces the risk of bacteria build-up in crevices and below the gum line. Add in a little mouthwash for an extra fresh feeling. Irrigating is great for hard to reach spots, especially for people with bridges and braces.

The irrigator comes with 2 interchangeable nozzles, great for multiple users.

Three operating modes are useful for varying oral care needs: Normal, soft and pulse. Pulse mode comfortably massages the gums.

The extra-large reservoir is removable and easy to refill. Cordless design powered by rechargeable batteries.

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