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For Your Health Men’s Edition: 5 Effects That Disease Has On A Man’s Body

5 Effects That Disease Has On A Man’s Body

There are many different types of diseases that exist today. Some are infectious, others are not, and there are those that are hereditary. While no one wants to acquire any disease, there are a lot of factors that cause them, some of which are beyond our control. These include our lifestyle, diet, environment, and genetic makeup. All these affect a man’s body in different ways.

Here are five effects that diseases have on a man’s body.

High blood pressure.

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You can develop high blood pressure when you have diabetes. This is worrisome because it places a lot of strain on your heart, it restricts the flow of blood in your blood vessels, and it can further increase your chances of having a heart disease and stroke.

Fertility problems.

Obesity refers to the excessive buildup of body fat. This is the result of eating too many calories than what our body can use. When a man is obese, there is a likelihood that he will have fertility problems due to a decrease in testosterone levels. This also increases the risk of having erectile dysfunctions.

Blockage of arteries.

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The heart is responsible for pumping blood to the different parts of the body. When you have a heart disease, the blood vessels that supply blood to the different areas of the body can become blocked. Once your arteries are blocked, blood cannot flow freely and will result in various complications. A stroke happens when the blood is unable to reach the brain. A person can become immobile when the arteries in the arms and legs are blocked. And if this remains untreated, it can further lead to disability, gangrene, and amputation.

Urinary difficulties.

Having difficulty in urinating can mean that something is wrong with our body. For men, this can be a symptom of prostate cancer, an enlarged but non-cancerous prostate, being infected with STD, or a urinary tract infection. Urinary difficulties can include urinating very often, the presence of blood in urine or semen, difficulty in starting or stopping or having a weak or interrupted stream of urine, burning sensation during urination or ejaculation, uncontrollable flow of urine when laughing or coughing, and not being able to urinate when standing up.

Penile discharge.

A lot of men who are infected with sexually transmitted diseases don’t show any symptoms. This is why if you are sexually active or have multiple partners and don’t practice safe sex, you are at a greater risk of getting STD. But among the symptoms that you can watch out for include abnormal discharge from the penis. This usually has a foul smell and has a certain color. If you believe that you might have STD, find help and get tested.

When a man’s body catches a disease, the body’s immune system is working extra hard to get rid of whatever caused the disease. That’s why it is important to strengthen our immune system and to practice healthy living. It’s our way of helping our body and ourselves to be healthier and to live longer.

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